Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Butcher's Bill; A Call For Help


A Prussian Grenadier appeals to his mates for help.

This is a close up vignette that I set up on my game table the other day. During the battle, there are several wounded Prussians still alive, but laying on the ground in agony from their wounds. A Prussian grenadier goes out beyond the firing line to help his fallen officer. Behind him another Prussian soldier pleads for help, but the other grenadier coming out to help him has himself become a casualty of war.

And no, the unfortunate soldiers were not shot down by their own Prussian 3-pound cannon, but rather from well aimed Austrian muskets.

Another Prussian officer, on foot, points to his grenadier and brings his plight to the attention of the regimental colonel.

The casualty figures are from the Perry AWI Hessian figure range. The artillery and crew are Fife and Drum artillery pieces and Minden gun crew. The officer pointing is an RSM figure and the mounted officer is a Minden Prussian figure. The table mat is made by Cigar Box Battle Mats. I think that all of the elements fit in quite nicely together.


  1. A very nice touch, using your casualty markers to add a bit of narrative to the scene. Thank you for including the sources for each of the components.

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for leaving a comment.

  2. Thanks for the obscure battles link. Used it for Napoleonic battles in the past. Find his take on battles very insightful