Sunday, June 5, 2022

I've Gotta Have More Windmill!


A group of Prussian officers meet atop of Windmill Hill to get a better view of the battlefield.

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As Phil Olley once said to me, "Jim, every game table needs to have a windmill" and I have to say that I agree with Phil. I have quite a collection of windmills: two for Europe, one for Colonial America, one for Spain, and one for the Winter season in Europe (part of my Leuthen Winter terrain).

The windmill in these pictures was made by Ian Weekley back in the late 1980s and I think that it holds up very well to today's standards of model making.

Prussian officers and staff try to figure out where they are.

The dismounted dragoon looking through his spy glass is a conversion that I made from a Prussian Jager in the standing firing position. I cut off and carved out the carbine, did some work on the hands with green stuff, and then made a spy glass from a piece of flag pole cut off that I had in the Bits Box.

The general on the left is an RSM figure with a Minden horse holder figure. The general on the right is a Minden figure with a RSM officer pointing. Behind the mounted officer stands you can see a group of Prussian staffers looking at a map (PER-001 set in the Minden range). The gentleman standing on the windmill platform is a Fife and Drum Hessian officer.

I think that you would have to agree that the windmill in this scene 
enhances the visual appearance of the table top

So to paraphrase Christopher Walken, "I gotta have more windmill" any time I set up a table top battlefield. LOL!


  1. That's a nice looking windmill model and your Prussian staff are suitably impressive too. The final pic is a stunning example of a well accoutred table!

  2. Don't blame me for your windmill fetish Jim! They do always look good though. Best regards. Phil

    1. As Rod Steiger said (as Napoleon) in the film Waterloo, “that may be, that may be”, but you are the only war gamer on the planet with a windmill that has electric powered sales. Big influence on me.😄

  3. "Why Elba?" Rod Steiger references aside, that is a rather skillfully done shade of dark blue with subtle highlight on those officers. It's hard to get right, but you've nailed it. Nice windmill too.

    Kind Regards,