Monday, June 20, 2022

Kolin at the 2018 SYW Convention


Der Alte Fritz, Himself, (right) supervises the action in his domain.

In 2018 I ran my Kolin scenario again at the Seven Years War Convention in South Bend, Indiana. The Austrians prevailed again as their left wing descended the Pohbor Hill and overwhelmed the Prussian refused right flank with their sheer numbers. The contest was somewhat even in the center of the battlefield near Chosenitz, while the Prussians were mopping up the Austrian cavalry near the Oak Wood, on the Austrian right flank. The pictures below tell the story of the battle. Please click once or twice on each picture to enlarge the view.

Hulsen's Prussian Advance Guard Deploys in Front of Krechor

Hulsen's Prussian advance on the village of Krechor and drive out the defending Croats.

Croats have decided to leg it out of Krechor rather than face the bayonets of Prussian grenadiers.

Austrian right flank. Saxon cavalry and Austrian light cavalry deploy to the right of the Oak Wood

Treskow's Prussians march down the Kaiserstrasse to support Hulsen's attack

Austrian right wing, anchored on Krechor and the Oak Wood.

Prussian right wing - refused flank - pause near the Inn of Slati Slunce

Zieten's Prussian cavalry cover the left flank of Hulsen's attack.

Seydlitz leads the Prussian cavalry to route the Austrians in the Oak Wood.

Action in and around the Oak Wood near Krechor

A huge cavalry melee breaks out on the Austrian right (Prussian left) flank.

Meanwhile in the center, Treskow's brigade advances towards Chosenitz instead of supporting Hulsen's attack.

Austrians on the left flank decide to descend the high ground attack the Prussian refused flank.

In fact the entire Austrian left wing goes on the attack and look
to overwhelm the Prussian refused flank with their advantage in numbers.

A rather complicated melee for the game judge to work out
as the Austrian cavalry go  all in on the Prussian cavalry.

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