Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sitting On A Dock On the Bey


Dockside on the Nile River at Khartoum 
Note shiny water effects.

Shower curtains are the order of the day. No, not for the bathtub, but rather, for providing water effects on tabletop waterways. Place a strip of clear plastic from a shower curtain liner as an overlay on a piece of blue felt. This provides a shiny shimmering effect to your water.

This is a temporary color for the water. I’m looking for something darker available in felt. I’d appreciate any suggestions in the comment box on this post.

Here are some pictures of the wharf in my Khartoum display. I think that the addition of the river and the wharf adds so much to the overall look of the tabletop display. A gunboat manned by RN sailors and a nuggar are docked at the wharf. A nuggar is a small boat that carries cargo on the Nile River.

Royal Navy Blue Jackets man the gunboat.

A small nuggar boat ties up at the dock to unload supplies.

British soldiers off load the supplies and load the wagon.

Nile River gunboat and crew from Trophy of Wales.

Another view of the quayside. I think that the addition of this
feature really adds life to the Khartoum tabletop display.

I had thought that I was finished with building construction, but with the addition of the waterfront, I think that I need a riverside warehouse and/or a customs office.


  1. Yes naturally! Go for it Jim.

  2. Another fantastic addition. Love it!

    Best Regards,


  3. So effective Jim, brilliant. More boats and buildings please...

  4. shower curtain water effect looks great. for a better blue for underneath you could try a piece of 'mottled blue fabric' - a suitable search online provides some possibilities

  5. Even the folds in the plastic seem to work reasonably well. Going to have to try this, thanks for the tip.

    1. The thanks should go to Tidders, who gave me the idea.🤗