Thursday, October 24, 2019

New SYW Figures Are Now Available at the Web Store

I have created new product codes for the new Minden Russian Horse Grenadiers, Prussian Hussars at rest, dismounted Prussian Hussars firing carbine, the Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick personality figure and the Mounted Croat officer.

I am working on painting samples of each figure so that you can see how they appear when painted. This will take me a few more days to complete. Meanwhile, the figure packs can now be ordered from the Fife and Drum Miniatures web store.

Fife and Drum Web Store

Here are the new product codes:

MRC-006 Russian Horse Grenadier Command (officer, std bearer, trumpeter)
MRC-007 Russian Horse Grenadiers in regular coats (3 figures)
MRC-008 Russian Horse Grenadiers in Waistcoats (3 figures)

PER-017 Ferdinand of Brunswick (includes horse)
PER-018 Senior Croat Officer, mounted (includes horse)

MP-018b Dismounted Hussars in Busbies, firing carbines (pack of 4 figures)
MP-019b Dismounted Hussars in Mirlitons, firing carbines (pack of 4 figures)

MPC-012 Prussian Hussars at rest - command, busbies (officer and trumpeter)
MPC-013 Prussian Hussars at rest, busbies (2 figures)

MPC-014 Prussian Hussars at rest - command, mirlitons (officer and trumpeter)
MPC-015 Prussian Hussars at rest, mirlitons (2 figures)

The "at rest" pose is the shouldered sword pose that we use for cuirassiers and dragoons in other armies. The figures can be mounted on trotting horses or used as a reserve with standing horses.

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