Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Minden Miniatures Logo & Packaging Are Coming

New color coded header cards with the new Minden logo.

I recently received the artwork for the new Minden Miniatures logo, created by Henry Hyde, and got all of the header cards printed for each product code pack.

Click the pictures to enlarge.

The new Minden header cards are color coded for each country:
Top row (L to R): France, Austria and Russia.
Bottom Row: (L to R): Prussia, Britain-Hanover, and Civilians

Henry did a great job of creating the new Minden Miniatures logo, which features the Minden Rose. I fold the cards in half and staple them with the bag of figures sandwiched between the two halves of the card. A printed identification lable is placed over the white rectangle that you see on the cards.

The cards are color coded to the country represented by the following:

Prussia - Blue
Britain & Hanover - Red
France - Grey
Austria - yellow
Russia - Green
Civilians - White

I also have artillery cards in solid black, but I presently used Fife & Drum green colored cards for all of the artillery, so I will continue to use the F&D cards for artillery.

The Fife and Drum Miniatures range already has its own color coded header cards: 

Continentals - Blue
British - Red
Hessians - Yellow

The cards are geared towards retail display at conventions and show and the color coding will make it easy for customers to focus their attention on their particular interests in armies.

I will be gradually getting the new cards into the distribution pipeline as I use up the old white cards that I slide into the pack. I will be adding the new packaging into the system starting now and so some of them should start to show up in your orders. So keep your eye on the packaging.


  1. An excellent idea. They look great!

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  2. I echo Stokes' comment. A great idea.
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  3. Neat and crisp! Nice engineering. :)