Saturday, August 24, 2019

Painting W.I.P. on Bosniaken and French Gendarmes

New Minden Bosniaken (left to right) lancer, trumpeter and officer.


Yesterday I spent some time painting samples of some of the new Minden figures that arrived from the caster this week. I was particularly keen to paint some Bosniaken, which are really fun to paint. I also painted one trooper from the Gendarmerie de France figures.

Here are some work in progress pictures, noting that the horses aren't finished.

Minden Bosniaken figures.

The rear view of the Bosniaken.

Gendarmerie de France trooper.

Rear view of the Gendarmerie de France trooper.

I will start working on the Gendarmerie de France command figures today. The officer figure is an absolutely gorgeous sculpt by Richard Ansell.

Later in the week I will paint samples of the Prussian Garde figures and post them here on my blog.

If you are interested in adding these figures to your Minden armies, then click on the link to the Fife and Drum Miniatures web store.

More to come...

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  1. Beautiful brushwork so far! Those gendarmes also look very tempting.

    Best Regards,