Monday, July 1, 2019

Gendarmerie de France Cavalry - Greens

25th Foot stands fast against the French cavalrie at the Battle of Minden.
Richard has sent off the greens to Griffin Moulds for the French "Gendarmerie de France" cavalry. This elite regiment, consider half a step lower in the pecking order than the Maison du Roi cavalry, participated in the Battle of Minden on August 1, 1759. 

This year marks the 260th anniversary of the battle and so it seemed logical to add the Gendarmerie de France to the Minden Miniatures figure range. I don't believe that the new figures will be available prior to the anniversary this august, but they will certainly be in the inventory by late august or early september.

Please click on the Kronoskaf link, below, to read the history of this regiment. There were 10 companies of Gendarms and 6 companies of Cheveau-legers. From this lot, two companies were paired to form a squadron, so there were 8 squadrons at Minden.

On August 1, the regiment took part in the Battle of Minden where it was deployed in the third line of the cavalry centre under the command of the Marquis de Poyanne. Along with the Carabiniers, they attempted a third attack upon the 9 battalions (mostly British) who had already repulsed 2 cavalry charges. Their charge was more successful and they broke through the first line of Allied infantry. However, the second line received them with deadly fire and forced them to retire with heavy losses. On August 30, when the French main army took position between Bauerbach and Amöneburg, the Gendarmerie formed part of the Reserve. The Gendarmerie was so depleted that each squadron counted only some 120 men.

Officer and Trumpeter

Reverse view of the Officer and Trumpeter

Standard Bearer and cavalryman

Reverse picture of the previous picture.

The French kettle drummer in the Minden Miniatures figure range can also be used as part of your Gendarmerie de France regiment.


  1. Very, very nice looking figures. That unit deserves to be portrayed, as they actually saw often battle along with the Maison du Roi.

  2. Yes, just the thing to wake up with over a mug of coffee this morning. The trumpeter, in particular, is (already) a feast for the eyes. So much sculpting skill there.

    Best Regards,