Friday, July 5, 2019

Skirmish Game Units: SYW Austrian Grenadiers

Two companies of Minden Austrian Grenadiers.

Austrian Grenadiers Firing
(these are actually the French Legion d'Hainault figures painted as Austrians)

Reverse view of the grenadiers.
I think that the miniatures used in a skirmish game should have action poses rather than formal marching poses. The Minden Croats suit my purpose perfectly, but I don't have any action poses for regular Austrian infantry. Then I took a closer look at the French light infantry figures for the Legion d'Hainault and noticed the resemblance between these figures and Austrian musketeers and grenadiers with nothing more than "conversion by paint". This means that no extra conversion of the figures is necessary other than paintingbthe figures like Austrians. You can see the results in the pictures in this thread..



  1. A very nice looking unit and completely agree re: the poses.

  2. Those are very natural looking, well done!

  3. WOnderful looking grenadiers, nicely done!

  4. Inspiring work, But, this brings to mind an apparent hole in the F&D miniatures line - no British center companies in firing positions that could be used in a skirmish game.

    1. Give us some time, we recently added a huge collection of Highland center and flank company figures in firing positions. I sometimes use the two Guards center company skirmishers. However, we will add regular center company British firing in the future.

  5. Very nicely painted figures. I think that I can assume which rules you will use for skirmish games.