Thursday, June 27, 2019

New Minden IR15 Prussian Guards Greens

Following up on my posting of pictures of the Bosniaken greens, we also have a nice batch of new figures for the Prussian Guard, second and third battalions of the Lieb Guard (also later designated as IR15/2 and IR15/3, respectively). The first battalion was the ceremonial unit that did all of the fancy marching at Potsdam (although their one SYW battle at Kolin featured an amazing performance that day).

The first and second battalions of the Guard wore tricorn hats and the third battalion wore grenadier mitres. However, all three battalions were considered to be "grenadiers". The new figures represent the second and third battalions. Note that officers always wore tricorn hats, so the officer and standard bearer figures in tricorn hats can be used as command figures in the third battalion. Even though the third battalion soldiers wore mitres, they carried the regimentfahn.

Second Battalion of the Guard (wearing tricorn hats)

Second Battalion (L-R) musketeer, NCO, drummer and ensign.
The ensign can be used for both battalions.

Rear view of the 2nd Battalion figures.

Third Battalion of the Guard (wearing mitres)

Third Battalion (L-R) grenadier, NCO, drummer and officer.
he officer can be used for both battalions.

Rear view of the grenadiers.

Subsequent to receiving these pictures, we decided to add an NCO carrying a pole arm - there were three senior NCOs in each battalion that carried pole arms. The other NCOs carried rifles or muskets.

As you might guess, I am really happy to add Prussian Guards to the Minden figure range and I look forward to painting a battalion of each once the figures are cast. Perhaps in the future, we might add the first battalion figures, dressed in their parade ground uniforms.


  1. The range must be very comprehensive by now Jim. I suppose you could always commission a Voltaire figure and perhaps a Theresa Maria for completeness.So well done on your endevours.

    1. Her husband served in the field for some months during the WAS, although he didn't fought a battle. I don't know if Maria Theresia ever was present at parades like her son, Joseph II. The modern biopic/Comedy "Maria Theresia" (2017) is stupid and mostly wrong, but has a very sexy version of the queen/empress. If somebody would have the talent to produce a figure, I would recommend to take Mrs. Stockinger as a model. I don't think that a gamer want to have the old, corpulent empress...

      Nice figures here, by the way.


  2. I have IR15/2 and 3, but rarely use them!Your 28 mm figures make me wish I played 28mm rather than 15!

  3. As always, Jim, very handsomely rendered figures. The increasingly comprehensive nature of the range, together with F&D and Crann Tara, is exciting to say the least. Virtually no reason that I can think of to use any other miniatures in my view.

    Best Regards,