Saturday, June 1, 2019

Hochkirch terrain

Hochkirch landscape

The fertile agricultural terrain of Saxony near the town of Hochkirch

The Prussian camp at Hochkirch

The Prussians have set up a checkpoint on the eastern edge of the town...

...and another checkpoint guarding the southern approach.

A view of the center of the town. The gasthaus Der Alter Fritz is on the left, while another
brauhaus with stables are on the right side.
The bars may be off limits to the soldiers, but the local citizens
convene for Happy Hour at 5PM in Hochkirch.

The Prussian field bakery is in the process of being constructed. One brick oven has been assembled, while two more ovens are nearing completion.

The Prussian staff convene at the King's tent for their orders of the day.

Meanwhile, there are quite a few things going on among the tents of the camp.

Meanwhile, on the southern approaches to the town, the Prussians have set up a check point, placing cheveau de frise barriers across the road. A striped guard house lets people know that this is a military  site. The local citizens come out of their houses to take a closer look at the invaders.

Another check point at the southern approach to the town. The citizens are not sure what to make of the Prussian

 Further away from the southern checkpoint, everything is quiet and bacoulic. Wagons deliver grain to the Prussian camp and a man tends to his garden.

To the south of the town there are a number of farmsteads.

A long perspective of the terrain around Hochkirch


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