Friday, April 19, 2019

AWI Jager & Highlander Greens Have Arrived!

Hessian Jager in action

Earlier this week Richard Ansell sent me pictures of the current batch of AWI figures that he is working on for the Fife and Drum Miniatures AWI range. We are adding seven new Jager figures and eight Highland regiment flank company figures plus a piper to the range. Previously, the Highland center company figures were added to the range, so the new additions give us a fairly comprehensive set of Highlanders.

The Jäeger Figures
By the way, I am told by someone who knows what he is talking about that the plural form of the jager is "jager" or "jäeger", so I am not going to add an "s" onto the end of jager to denote the plural. In any event, we are adding seven new figures to the AWI range and I really liked the way that these turned out. Richard made the skirmishers in pairs, one firing and one loading, as was the tactical practice of the jäeger in the field.

Hessian Jager skirmishing

Rear view of the skirmishing jager

The command set includes an officer, NCO and musician, as shown below:

Jager command figures: officer, NCO and musician.
The torso figure is a dolly that was made for other figures in the future.

Reverse view of the Jager Command figures
There are a couple of tweaks that Richard is going to make on the jäger, but after that they will be on their way to Griffin Moulds to make the moulds and cast the new figures.

The Highlander Flank Company Figures
We decided that it would be a good idea to go ahead and add flank company figures for the Highlanders that we released in March 2019. Richard was able to use some of the parts and pieces from the center company Highlanders and thus finish them faster. We also added a piper to use with the center company command figures.

The flank company figures can be used as either light company or grenadier company figures. For example, you could use the two marching flank company figures, the NCO and drummer, plus the officer from the center company sets to build a grenadier company or converged regiment of Highlander Grenadiers. The 42nd and 71st regiments converged their grenadiers into th 4th Grenadier Battalion.

NCO (left) and three skirmishers

The reverse view of the Highlander skirmishers.

Two flank company soldiers (left), a piper and a drummer. The piper is going to be tweaked so that the drones are  on the left shoulder instead of on the right shoulder.

Rear view of the figures in the previous picture.

There are some nice poses in the new figures. I particularly like the walking drummer who is carrying his drum slung over his back and the piper figure was needed for center company command stands.

The jäger figures have really caught my fancy, however. I have been reading the Diary of Johann Ewald ( a captain of the Hessian jäeger in North America) and there are a lot of small skirmishes and ambuscades that would make for good game scenarios. I have just purchased a copy of Sharp Practice (version 2) and plan on using some of the jäger and Highland flank company figures with those rules.

We are probably looking at a six to eight week time period to get the moulds made and the production castings spun. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress that we are making on the logistics and production stage of the new AWI figures.

New Link Added: Fife and Drum Proboards Forum
I have added a new link to the Fife and Drum Miniatures Forum on the lefthand side of this page in the Favorite Links column. Simply click on the link to get to the forum. If you are already registered with proboards for another forum, they you should be able to automatically log in. If you are not registered, then please do so (it only takes about a minute to do) so that you can access the content. You can also click on the direct link below:

Fife and Drum Miniatures Forum

If you are interested in the Minden, Fife and Drum and Crann Tara miniatures, then our forum is a place that you will want to visit frequently. In addition to discussion about the figures (which includes information on new figure releases, plans for new figures) there is also active discussion on 18th Century military history that covers a broad variety of topics. You can also use the forum to ask questions or seek advice on some matter.

Usually, I place pictures of the new greens on the forum, several days ahead of posting them on this blog or on the Fife and Drum Miniatures Facebook page. So if you are a forum member, you get the first look at any new figures.

The forum is well worth the time and effort to view. You are not required to make any posts in order to remain a forum member. If you feel more comfortable simply being a reader (or "lurker" as they say) then that is perfectly OK.

So give the forum a try, I think that you will like it.


  1. Lovely figures, plenty of character as always.

    The forum's well worth a visit folks....take it from a lurking reader!

  2. Yes! Well up to your usual excellent standards. I find myself thinking, "Now, I could paint up some of these to replace some Holger Eriksson jaeger. . ." But that is putting the painting cart before the horse yet again!

    Best Regards,


  3. Some very nice additions to your range Jim. And I thoroughly recommend your Forum for anyone interested in the 18th century. Useful and informative without any pressure.

  4. I must order me some of those when they're available!