Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Austrian Battalion Guns

My recent painting output of Austrian ordannance


I have been adding 3-pound battalion guns to all of my Austrian infantry battalions of late. Over the past week or so I painted and based four 3-pounders and one 12-pounder, for good measure.

In my new basing scheme for my Austrian infantry, I place 32 figures on four stands that are 60mm wide and 80mm deep. The extra depth in the stands allows me to create a third rank of NCOs and other file closers and I think that this provides a better simulation of 18th Century battalions in three ranks. The one problem with this basing idea is that there is no "middle stand" on which to place the colors and still have a symetrical look to it. My solution was to add a fifth stand for a battalion gun to each battalion. Thus, five stands wide for the total battalion frontage and now the colors will look like they were placed in the middle of the battalion.

Three batalion guns and one heavy 12-pounder on the right.

If you click on the two pictures above, you will see that I have recruited some of the Minden Pioneer (CIV-003) figures into the Austrian artillery establishment by simply painting the waistcoats and breeches in the artillery uniform color and painting the shirt sleeves a common white. Add some of the artillery tools to their hands and you have a nice looking variant to place on your artillery stand.

MA-017 Austrian Artillery Crew

MA-017 Artillery Crew are manning the AE-033 Austrian 3-pound cannon.

I will be posting more about the "new" Austrian basing system that I am going to use in my makeover of my Austrian SYW armies.


  1. Nice to see the Wolf Grey uniform, I still have mine to paint!

  2. Wonderful guns and gunners, brilliant!

  3. Wonderful! Eager to see these with their parent battalions AND the basing makeover.

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  4. Really nice.

    I discussed about the WAS-uniforms of the Austrian artillery. Just reply if it's interesting for you.
    I would use the same figures, but with different colours.