Thursday, February 21, 2019

Frederick the Great & Staff at Kunersdorf

Frederick the Great of Prussia

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I really like this vignette grouping of Frederick the Great and his staff convening on a hill top prior to the start of my Battle of Kunersdorf wargame. The Frederick command stand was painted by Leuthen Studios several years ago and I use it on my trade stand when I go to wargame conventions as a dealer.

The staff members on foot are part of the PER-001 Duke of Brunswick & Staff on Foot pack of figures.

The general in the background wearing the orange Pour Le Merite sash is Prinz Moritz von Anhalt-Dessau.

In the right background we have an RSM Prussian officer and horse paired with one of the Minden Prussian officers with spontoon. Instead of a spontoon, I simply placed a flag for the Prussian Artillery Regiment in his hand. The vignette represents Colonel Moeller, the artillery genius at Rossbach and Leuthen.

Other Announcements - AWI Highlanders Will Arrive Soon

Griffin Moulds shipped a large order of castings, most of which are the new AWI figures consisting of 12 British Highlander figures and 4 personality figures: Washington, Greene, Howe and Cornwallis. I anticipate that I will have the figures delivered to Schloss Seewald next weeek and I expect to add them to the web store over the weekend and have them ready to purchase sometime next week.

These figures are an important expansion of the Fife and Drum Miniatures AWI figure range and I am really keen to see the castings first hand and quickly paint some samples.


  1. Lovely looking command groups Jim, shame its Frederick but I suppose someone has to like him.

  2. Ahhhh. . . These sorts of larger vignettes do the heart good.

    Best Regards,


  3. Fine vignette featuring Freddie the G!