Sunday, February 24, 2019

Minden Austrian Horse Grenadiers

Minden Austrian Horse Grenadiers painted as D31 de Ligne Dragoon regiment's horse grenadiers.

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De Ligne Horse Grenadiers

Yesterday I completed the basing of a 12-figure squadron of the new Minden Miniatures Austrian Horse Grenadiers, painted as the de Ligne Dragoon Regiment. Each dragoon regiment had a squadron of elite horse grenadiers and it was not uncommon for the horse grenadier squadrons from several regiments to be formed into one ad hoc regiment of "elite" cavalry. The Austrian Cuirassiers' equivalent of the horse grenadiers were called "Carabiniers."

It is my plan to eventually add the Austrian Carabiniers to the Minden range too so that I can have a converged regiment of elites from the Dragoons and Cuirassiers.

De Ligne Horse Grenadiers with hand painted standard using an image from the Royalfig website.

I chose to paint my first unit of Minden Austrian Horse Grenadiers in the uniform of the D31 de Ligne Dragoon regiment. I have always liked that regiment's uniform of green coat and red facings, thinking that it is perhaps one of the handsomest uniforms of the Seven Years War era.

Below are some pictures of the new Product Codes for the Horse Grenadiers to refer to when you order any of the figures from the Fife & Drum Miniatures web store

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MAC-007 Austrian Horse Grenadier Command Pack with horses

MAC-008 Austrian Horse Grenadier Troopers pack with horses.
 I have also painted and based a sample of the new Minden Prussian Mounted Jager courier and added him to the web store Here

The new Product Code is MPC-019:

MPC-019 Mounted Jager
The new Minden Prussian mounted jager courier shown with a dismounted hussar (from the Zieten personality set PER-004) posed as if he is about to be handed an important dispatch. The hussar does not come with the mounted jager.

Thank you for taking a look at these painted samples of the new Minden Austrian cavalry. Please feel free to leave any comments in the Comments section below.


  1. Some lovely looking figures Jim, and a great paint job. The standard bearer is particularly fine.

  2. Another beautifully executed batch of figures Jim. You really nailed the faces, which look highly convincing.

    Best Regards,


  3. Nice looking Regiment! The Mounted Jager and Hussar is inspiring!