Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trenton Christmas Deal for Fife & Drum Hessians

Two Fife & Drum Hessian regiments, firing and marching. Click all pictures to enlarge the view.

My next painting project will be to get two 30-figure Hessian regiments painted over the next couple of weeks. There will be one each of a marching regiment and a regiment in firing line formation. See picture of the pair of regiments at the top of the page and the marching musketeer regiment below:

Hessian Musketeer Regiment Marching

The Hessian Musketeer Marching Regiment consists of the following Fife & Drum packs:

1 x HP-001 Command Pack (6 figures per pack)
3 x HP-003 Musketeers Marching (8 figures per pack)

I have tweaked the packs by adding 2 extra NCO's, one at each end of the line, and removing 2 of the marching musketeers. (more on this later). This will become the Prinz Karl regiment for the simple matter that it is the only GMB Designs flag set that I have on hand.

The Hessian Musketeer Firing Regiment consists of the following Fife & Drum packs:

1 x HP-002 Command Pack (6 figures per pack)
3 x HP-004 Musketeer Firing Line (8 figures per pack)

As with the marching regiment, I have removed two rank and file and substituted two extra NCOs placed on each end of the line. The name of this regiment will be determined after I order more GMB flags. I want to have regiments that participated in the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777.

Hessian Musketeer Marching - Command Set

Hessian Musketeer Firing Line - Command Set

The Trenton Christmas Deal
I liked the way that these two regiments looked, especially with the extra NCOs anchoring the end of the regimental line, that I decided to offer a complete regiment for the discounted price of $50.00 per regiment. This represents a 17% discount off of the list price, which would be $60.00 without the discount.

This is a limited time offer through the end of December 2016 - after that, the deal will expire.  Click on the link below to visit the Fife & Drum website and shopping cart. Take advantage of the Trenton Deal today!

This is really a great way to get a Fife & Drum Hessian regiment into your tabletop army at a very attractive price. The Hessians were added to the AWI range earlier this year and there will be fusiliers and jagers coming in the future as we expand the AWI range.


  1. Fusiliers and jaguars? Right on! The Hessians are going to re-earn their reputation as bad news!

    This is a very good offer Jim. I'l be sending you a message shortly. Jim

  2. order place for 2 regiments - you are a very bad man Mr Alte Fritz