Monday, December 12, 2016

Leuthen Update - Turn 10

Austrians retreat back to Leuthen at the end of turn 10.

Through last evening I have played ten solo turns of the Battle of Leuthen and the Prussians have pretty much tumbled the Austrians back into Leuthen, where they are preparing a new defensive line facing the Prussians. At the end of the turn, I did a deus ex machina and arbitrarily repositioned all of the troops for the next phase of the game - the Prussian assault on Leuthen itself.

The completion of the cavalry melee between Zieten and Nadasty ends in the  Prussians favor. This pretty much settled things on the Prussian left and allowed them continue their advance on the town of Leuthen.

The Prussian pursuit, post-melee.

Pursuit comes to a halt as the Austrian Reserve Brigade of Arenburg arrives just in time, deploying on the Austrian left flank, just where it needed to be!

The Hungarian brigade of Forgach makes it safely back to Leuthen.

Lucchesi's reserve cavalry brigade arrives to anchor down the Austrian right flank.

In the center, the Rot Wurzburg Regiment deploys inside Leuthen Churchyard .
At this point in the game, I stopped it at Turn 10 and reordered the lines of both sides: Prussians in a continuous line of infantry and cavalry prepare to attack; and the Austrians re-ordered and deployed in Leuthen. I think that the attack on Leuthen should be a separate scenario apart from the initial Prussian attack on Sagschutz, etc.

Prussian Gardes Brigade halts to reorder its lines at the end of Turn 10.

Forcade's brigade on the Prussian left deploys on the flank of the Austrian right  wing, but their position is threatened by Lucchesi's arrival. Driessen's Prussian reserve cavalry can be seen in the background and they are ready to intervene should the Austrian cavalry advance.

A view of the entire Austrian deployment in and around Leuthen. The grenadiers and reserve infantry are on the left flank, the Rot Wurzburg brigade is in the center, and the Hungarian infantry and Lucchesi's cavalry anchor the right flank.

I might try Charles Grant's approach to Leuthen and move the terrain forward so that the town of Leuthen is on the main table while the Prussian lines are moved to the facing back table. This way the assault action will be played out largely on the main table, rather than across the aisle.


  1. Ahhhh, my daily does of toy soldierly-ness. Well played, Fritz! Well played!

    Best Regards,


  2. Tremendous! Oh for bigger table and a basement! :-)

  3. Wintry terrain is astonishing Jim.

  4. Corking stuff ! Interested to see if the Austrians can hold hold of the prussian attack...

  5. "Filmed in scintillating Fritz-O-Vision! The Battle of Leuthen is a treat not to be missed! Hundreds of soldiers battling ferociously, the roar of cannon and the thunder of hooves all combine to produce a spectacle that would make Kubrick weep tears of joy. Five stars."

    Siskel von Ebert.

  6. The Fritz-O-Vision does indeed amaze! The photos of the Prussian cavalry pursuit are stunning and so dramatic with the snow as a backdrop. The white makes your painting jump right out. The Austrian Saxe-Gotha DR shines out brilliantly. I hope they won their fight, just for looking so good.

  7. A fine looking game captured with some excellent photos. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Votre majeste: the Leuthen demo looks fabulous!