Monday, December 5, 2016

Battle of Leuthen: Opening Moves

The Prussians deploy their infantry in echelon. Click to enlarge.

I woke up at 5AM and couldn't go back to sleep so I thought that I might as well go downstairs to the game room and start my Leuthen game. I think that when you are trying to recreate an historical battle that a few special rules need to be implemented for the game.

For example, I gave the Prussians the first move AND the first fire on Turn One in order to simulate the surprise nature of the Prussian attack against the Bavarians and Wurttemburgers posted on the Austrian left flank.

I allowed the Prussian Brummers to move at the speed of light artillery to simulate their quick handling and movement during the battle by Colonel Moeller.

I finished six game turns today and it looks like it will take one to two more days to finish the game. Suffice it say, the Prussians have the upper hand at this point as they are on the verge of winning the large cavalry melee on the Austrian left near Sagschutz. A single battalion of Wurttemburgers - Prinz Ludwig, appears set to die to the last man as it has held on and refused to run away despite losing 18 of 30 figures through turn six.

The battery of Brummers has been moving forward each turn and wreaking havoc on a battalion of Hungarians to their front on the Prussian left wing. The Brummers have been supported by two squadrons of Black Hussars, who spied an opportunity to charge into the flank of the Austrian artillery battery of 6-pounders, and they did so. Hidden behind the Black Hussars, on the other side of the Sophienberg, lies Driessen's brigade of Prussian cavalry. The have not been committed to battle yet, because Lucchesi's Austrian cavalry has not appeared on the table. I'm freezing Driessen's command in place until the Austrian cavalry enters the table - this simulates the actual battle.

I will give a more complete report tomorrow along with lots and lots of pictures, but the day is drawing near its end and I must get some sleep.


  1. Look forward to seeing a more detailed write up with pics:). Hope you get a good rest ready for the next phase of the game.

  2. Well done Jim,
    Enjoying the spectacle.

  3. Excellent set up. It looks cold. I am looking forward to seeing the game unfold.