Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kargopol Horse Grenadiers Completed

Kargopol Horse Grenadiers (1st squadron) of the SYW Russian Army.

I finished and based the first squardron of 12 Russian horse grenadiers to represent the Kargopol Horse Grenadier Regiment in the Russian Army.

Kargopol Horse Grenadiers

Recall that the majority of the figures are RSM horse grenadiers and Fife & Drum horses, save for the three command figures (officer, standard bearer and trumpeter) which are Minden Hanoverian Horse regiment figures that have had their heads swapped for the RSM Russian mitre.

I have one more squadron of 12 figures to paint in order to complete the regiment this week. This is the first regiment of cavalry in my Russian army.

Toy Soldier Update
I had a rather active weekend on eBay, purchasing more toy soldiers, mostly some Britains and Trophy of Wales 54mm figures. As the new figures are delivered, I will take photographs and post some pictures of the reinforcements.

I have decided to focus my toy soldier collection on a couple of areas, rather than just purchasing any old thing. In the Trophy of Wales/Under Two Flags collection I will occaisionally augment the British Colonial forces with eBay acquisitions.

In the Britains category, I plan on collecting French Foreign Legion figures and Arab opponents for one thing, then Gordon Highlanders in another category, and finally, one of the British Guard regiments, probably the Coldstream Guards. I made some significant acquisitions in all of the categories within both figure ranges, so I am looking forward to seeing how all of the new soldiers look when they are assembled together on the parade ground.


  1. Those grenadiers are really impressive.

    By the way, I've only been catching up on the blog in the last few days. The Toy Soldier collection is simply wonderful. I am completely enchanted. Really looking forward to seeing more of this.

    1. Thank you Monsieur Kinch. The little fellows have certainly captivated me as well. :) I did a lot of damage on e-Bay over the weekend and now await the continuous delivery of various sized packages this week.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jonathan. I'm looking forward to getting the rest of them done and then I might try some RSM Cossacks on Minden horses.