Sunday, May 8, 2016

Itzenplitz Regiment Painted

IR13 Itzenplitz Regiment. click pictures to enlarge the view

I finished the Prussian regiment Itzenplitz (IR13) today for our upcoming Big Battalion Game next weekend. The regiment, 60 figures strong, uses my own 30mm Potsdam Prussian infantry figures.

When I was doing an inventory of my Prussian Big Battalion army for the BAR rules (Batailles dans l'Ancien Regime), I found that I only had 11 formed infantry battalions and one Jager unit of unformed troops. I used to have around 18-20 battalions, but a number of them had been sold off over the years and I think that I overdid it on the Defense Departement cutbacks in Hesse Seewald. So I resolved to paint one more 60-figure battalion before the game, and so here it is.

Ground level view of the command stand. GMB Designs flags and Potsdam 30mm figures.



  1. Beautiful lines of battle, impressive job!

  2. 60 figure battalions in 28mm is simply mind-blowing big!

    1. Yes, I couldn't fit the whole battalion in line in front of the picture backdrop, so I went with two half battalions front and back for the photo.