Monday, October 19, 2015

IR22 Prinz Moritz Regiment Completed

IR22 Prinz Moritz of Anhalt Dessau shown with his regiment. Click to enlarge.
 Here are pictures of IR22 Prinz Moritz regiment in the Prussian army of the SYW. The complete regiment enters service in my army today, October 19, 2015. I now keep an army log for my SYW armies that includes a picture of the regiment and its flags, date of service, and eventually, a battle history.

The regiment's inhaber was always a prince from the Anhalt Dessau family, going back to Prince Leopold, "the Old Dessauer". Prinz Moritz was one of his sons ( he might have been the one son that was the subject of an experiment conducted by Leopoldo - he received no education because Leopold wanted to see how much he could learn on his own, without the aid of any teachers).

Coincidentally, the Minden range added a Prinz Moritz personality figure and you can see him on the round stand in front of the regiment. He is wearing his orange Order of the Eagle Sash across his left shoulder.

The figures are the Prussian infantry with the tighter Prussian cuffs (MP-001 and MP-002) and this is the first time that I have used the Prudent cuff figures in my Minden Prussian army. When Frank Hammond produced the original Prussian figures, they only came with the larger Swedish cuffs.

The flags are from GMB Designs, as is customary with me.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a teaser photo of the first squadron of the CR2 Prinz von Preussen Cuirassier regiment. I will start painting the second 12-figure squadron this week. I'm awaiting flags from GMB to complete the presentation of the regiment's colours.



CR2 Prinz von Preussen cuirassier regiment. First squadron.



  1. Yes! Gazing at your figures is the perfect way to start the week. By the way, are those four new SYW personality figures, which you painted samples of last June, now available for purchase?

    Best Regards,


    1. Yes, all of the personalities are available for sale.

  2. Brilliant job! Wonderfull to se so many heavy horse!

    I have a question, what blue do you use for your prussians, is it the same you now use on your swedes?

  3. Love those Prussians. Looking forward to getting my first regiments of Minden Prussians from you
    Graham in Scotland