Friday, October 9, 2015

I Think I Need More Prussian Cavalry

My Minden Prussian Cuirassier Brigade (KR13 - Garde du Corps in front; KR1 Jung Krakow in the middle; and KR8 von Seydlitz in the back. (click pix to enlarge).

Last evening I was looking at my Austrian and Prussian armies, which are facing each other across my game table, and I realized that with the recent addition of some Saxon cavalry, my Prussians are going to be outnumbered. 

We we can't have that.  8-|

As of today, the Austrians have 3 Cuirassier regiments, 2 dragoon regiments, the equivalent of 1 converged Saxon cheveaulegers painted and based. My nephew Alex has just completed a commission for me that will add one more Cuirassier and one more dragoon regiment to the order of battle. I also have one more Cuirassier regiment coming via some bartering with another painter. So at the end of the day, the Austrians and allies have a combined 5 Cuirassier, 3 Dragoons and 1 Cheveauleger regiment, or 9 regiments.

My Minden Prussians currently have 2.5 Cuirassier regiments, 2 dragoon regiments, and 1 hussar regiment, or 5.5 regiments ( Garde du Corps counts as a half regiment). Regiments already painted:

My Minden Prussian Cuirassier, annotated in the picture. (click to enlarge)

KR1 Jung Krakow cuirassiers (24 figures)
KR8 von Seydlitz cuirassiers (24)
KR13  Garde du Corps (16)
DR5  Bayreuth Dragoons (48) - this was a 10-squadron regiment. I count this as two dragoon regiments.
HR5  von Reusch (Black Hussars) Hussars (32)

Clearly it is time to start painting Prussian Cuirassiers again. :D

I think  that I will start with the yellow coated KR2 Prinz von Preussen regiment. The Gensdarmes regiment - KR10 - was usually brigaded with KR13 Garde du Corps, and since I already have the latter regiment, then KR10 would be a logical addition as well.

This morning I cleaned and primed the first dozen Cuirassiers for the Prinz von Preussen regiment. I think that every collection of SYW Prussians probably includes this regiment because of their distinctive yellow coats. With a long three day weekend ahead of me, I ought to be able to make good progress on the painting front, so be sure to check back here over the weekend for painting updates.


  1. And what is President Fritz during to address the Cuirassier Gap?

    That's what I'd like to know!

    1. Read the last two paragraphs for the answer.


    2. Oh I don't know about that!

      President Fritz isn't doing enough about the cuirassier gap! He is clearly soft on the Austrian threat.

      Why are we working towards parity with the Kaiserlicks when obviously cuirrassier supremacy is what is needed. That is the question I ask you President Fritz.

    3. I believe that the time constraints imposed by Mrs. Fritz is the stopper in the bottle that keeps us from adding considerably more cuirassiers to the Prussian establishment.

  2. Ray's horse all impressive arrayed for battle like that!

    My own 18mm SYW project does, indeed, carry four squadrons (24 figs total) of Regiment Prinz von Preussen on its Muster List.

    I look forward to seeing yours in 28mm!

  3. Jim,

    Minden cavalry are the very best SYW figures manufactured. You are a great painter in your own right, but it is pleasing to see on the Forum others who paint them to a very high standard.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your painted additions to your lovely armies.


  4. Always nice to have more Kurassiers

  5. Painting some Prussian cavalry is like coming home in your blog: The Prussians are the core of your collection, so go on with them - I really will enjoy to see them in parade soon!
    All the best,