Saturday, October 3, 2015

GNW Swedish Cavalry Pix

I finished off the basing and flagging of the Ostgota Kavalrie Regiment for my GNW Swedish army last evening. Both the figures and the flags are from Warfare Miniatures and their Great Northern War range of figures.

I used Citadel Scorched Grass static grass and The Army Painter tufts (Highland, Wasteland and Winter) on the bases. The ground was made using spackle compound, slathered over the base, and then dipped in a tub of fine railroad ballast. Once dry, I drybrush some light tan on the ballast before adding the tufts and the static grass. I use mostly the Highland tufts, which offset the static grass color nicely. The Wasteland tufts are dark green and provide some contrast. The Winter tufts are too light in color so I don't use much of those.

Warfare Miniatures figures and flags. 

Swedish Ostgota Regiment - Warfare Miniatures figures and flags.

Reinforcements have been ordered and are now making their way across the Pond.


  1. Those really are very nice. Let's hope they do well in battle.

  2. Beautiful unit - again I love the large unit sizes you employ, and the basing with variations of green is the perfect icing on the cake. A darn shame that you're not closer to Stockholm, otherwise we'd definitely invite you for a game at our local hobby society here :0)

    1. When someone finally invents the transporter beam, I would be happy to travel to Sweden to play in your games. Alas..... :)

  3. They look really very nice Jim and are something to be proud of.

  4. You're collections are truely inspiring DaF