Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ostgotland Regiment WIP

Ostgotland Regiment at Poltava. Click to enlarge.

I finished painting the Ostgotland regiment for the Swedish Army at Poltava in 1708: 32 figures using Warfare Miniatures. As you can see, I still have to terrain the bases and add the colours, but the painting is completed.

Front view
This regiment incorporates the more aggressive "action" or attacking figures in the Warfare Miniatures range. With all of those levelled bayonets, one needs a deep base. I use 60mm frontage and 80mm depth, which provides adequate room to place three ranks and still have room for the bayonets, so that they don't break off from wear and tear during a game.

Side view showing the "virtual third rank" of supernumeraries.
The regiment includes four stands with six figures and one central command stand with six pikemen and two standard bearers. Note the grenadiers on the righthand base in the picture below.

View of the full regiment from the front. Two partial battalions of 18 figures are shown in the background.

I have two partial 18-figure battalions ready for primer, but I need to order more figures to boost them up to 32 figures. While I wait for delivery of the next order, I will probably start on the 18 Swedish cavalry that I have on hand. My cavalry regiments will have 36 figures in three squadrons of 12 figures.



  1. Great work! I like the attacking poses very much.

  2. Great work and looking forward to seeing them based up.

  3. Wow - these guys are going to look incredible on the table!

  4. really nice Jim. I like the hat lace which is very well done.

  5. Nice work, they'll look superb when the bases are finished and on the table.

    1. Thank you Allan, check back on the blog later today, as I have some new pictures of the unit based.