Monday, September 28, 2015

Minden Saxon Cavalry Pix

Saxon regiment Prinz Karl Cheveaulegers (CL2) - click to enlarge the view.

This evening I completed the first of two squadrons that I plan to paint of the Prinz Karl Cheveauleger cavalry regiment in the Saxon army of the SYW. I used Minden Miniatures Prussian dragoons for the Saxons. I usually have two 12-figure squadrons comprising a cavalry regiment in my  organization, or 24 figures to a regiment. Some day I might up the total to three squadrons of 12-figures, or 36 figures. For now though, 24 figures is enough for me.

I decided to freehand paint the leibfahne colour for the regiment. I usually use a GMB Designs flag, but they do not make Saxon flags at the moment. Maverick Miniatures in the UK has Saxon flags and will size them for you to fit with any size of wargame figure. I used Dr. Stephen Summerfield's book on the Saxon army for my source of flag information and the Kronoskaf website for the uniform information.

Ground level view of the squadron with a good view of the flag.

The Graf Bruhl cheveaulegers are next on my painting table and I should have a squadron of them completed later this week.


  1. The flag is exceptional. Nicely done!

  2. Agreed; exceptional painting on the flag. Oh and the figures are nice too;)

  3. That was quick - and very nice also

  4. Lovely unit Jim. Can't beat hand painted colours!

  5. A marvellously painted unit, Jim. you will have Mark Allen looking to his laurels with flag painting, too. Cheers, Rohan.

  6. Love The banner and great horsemen too.

  7. You are tearing along at a fair old clap with this project - very impressive work rate alongside consistent quality, you must be pretty pleased? Lovely flags.
    Keep it up, Jeremy
    PS do you plan any white socks or flashes on these horses?