Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On the Painting Table

Here are a few quick hit, rapid fire topics on my mind today:

Minden SYW Russian Artillery Crew: I am currently working on 8 of the new Minden SYW Russian artillery crew figures: four in loading poses and four in firing poses. These are fairly simple to paint as you only need red and black paint (plus some flesh color) for the figure. I started on them last evening, just a few minutes before midnight and made good progress over the next hour. I should be able to complete them tonight.

Austrian Cuirassier Regiment Anhalt Zerbst: Also on the painting table: a 12-figure squadron of Austrian cuirassiers - the Anhalt Zerbst Regiment, are nearly done save for a little bit of black highlighting (doesn't "black highlighting" seem like an oxymoron?). Alas, the second squadron will not be completed in time for our big Kolin refight next Saturday June 20th. Anhalt Zerbst Cuirassiers will eventually be 2 x 12 = 24 figures strong, but not this week.

An Interesting Blog Worth Checking Out: I stumbled across an interesting blog for a gentleman that has painted a few Minden SYW figures in his time. Click on the link and scroll through the archives to find other Minden painted figures.  .

One of the things that I liked in particular, was the method of basing shown in the blog photos. The figures are allocated over five bases, but on several of the bases, a virtual third rank of command figures has been set back from the second rank of marching figures. One extra figure marching behind each stand seems to produce an authentic looking infantry battalion on the march. All of this leads to the key question...

Is It Time to Rebase All of My Minden Infantry?  None of us like to rebase figures, particularly when the basing system already in use is pretty good looking in its own right. However, Raven's Minden pictures have really got me to think about doing the unthinkable, which is to rebase all of my infantry. I already have 30 figures in my battalions, similar to the Raven pictures, so I would not have to paint any additional figures to implement the rebasing program. I would keep the same 5 base battalion, but instead of having six figures on each base, I would have something like this:

Right flank base: 6 rank and file marching in two ranks plus a drummer in the third rank. Total = 7 figures.

Right of the command stand base: 4 rank and file figures in two ranks and an officer or NCO in the third rank acting as a file closer of sorts. Total = 5 figures.

Centre Command Stand: 4 rank and file figures in two ranks, two figures per rank, plus two standard bearers forming the third rank. Total = 6 figures.

Left of the command stand base: 5 figures deployed in the same manner as its righthand counterpart.

Left flank base: same as the right flank base with one drummer in the third row. Total = 7 figures.

At the moment I have 11 Prussian battalions and 10 Austrian battalions that would have to be rebased. So while the idea is rather daunting, I have not progressed so far in my army buildup so as to rule the idea out completely. Someone please talk me out of this nonsense.

I should probably do one test battalion first to see if I really like the idea enough to go through with the rebasing. One benefit is that I could squeeze the figures closer together and perhaps reduce the unit frontage, freeing up a little more game table space.

Next Game: Saturday June 20th - Battle of Kolin - we have five players for this version of Kolin that will focus mainly on the Prussian assault on Krechor village and the Oak Wood versus the Austrian divisions of Wied, Sincere and Starhemberg, plus lots and lots of cavalry. I might have to resort to playing the unfamiliar role of an Austrian commander so that I can have some control (as game master) over the release of Austrian infantry and cavalry units that are force marching from left to right. More on this later this week as we get closer to the game day.


  1. Rebasing can be a therapeutic exercise and can spring new life into a collection. Your idea of adding a sparse third rank is interesting. Having a third rank populated with supernumeraries pushing the second rank into back line using his spontoon would add interest as well.

    Of course, try it out on one battalion first before committing completely. If you do go down the rebasing route, give thought to closing the gaps between files as well.

    Refighting Kolin on the 20th sounds like a terrific way to commemorate the battle.

    Good luck!

  2. These are all my figures Jim. The system, which I inherited from the owner of the core of the figs I bought (eleven battalions or so), now looks magnificent in my 40 odd battalion army

    1. You are a very lucky man then. :)

      Did you keep the same basing format for your other battalions?

  3. p.s. there are six figures on all the bases

    1. I see that now. Just setting one figure back a few millimeters make such a big impact. What are the dimensions of the stands?

  4. Jim,
    Your thoughts echo mine. I really like that basing from Raven. Very effective.
    It seems that every time I rebase my figures into a style I'm happy with someone else comes along and gives me pause for thought. My question though is - why do they wait until I've done twenty battalions?

  5. "Someone please talk me out of this nonsense"

    No, I won't. You have already convinced me that it is a good idea!

  6. I think it would produce really good-looking units Jim.

    I say do it.


    1. I agree, but the only thing holding me back is the prospect of de-basing the figures, which are super glued onto MDF board.

  7. The basing indeed looks very convincing. But I would stay with my own basing, fearing the work of rebasing!

  8. 45mm square x 3mm MDF. Plus a magnetic base to give more 'heft' and stability as well as ease of transport