Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Minden Grenadiers de France

Grenadiers de France Command Set (MF-014)

Grenadiers de France rank and file (pack of 8 figures) (MF-016

Here are some pictures of the new Minden French Grenadiers de France figures. The command set includes an officer with short fusil, standard bearer, drummer, and sargeant with musket. Stock number MF-014.

The rank and file marching grenadier comes in a pack of 8 figures (MF-016).


  1. The sculpting and painting style remind me very much of a David Morier painting. Nice and very in-period!

  2. A wonderful uniform and a beautiful paint brush, fantastic details...

  3. Nice, nice, nice. Fully in keeping with the rest of the Minden/Fife and Drum line. Well done. Tom

  4. Lovely pieces Jim, need some of these. :)

  5. Allways good to see your range of minis growing.