Monday, March 2, 2015

Russian Artillery Crew Are Coming!

Russian General Fermor
Richard has finished the greens for the first of the SYW Russians that we plan on adding to the Minden Miniatures range of figures. I wanted to have distinct loading and firing sets of four figures rather than just four poses that sort of go together in a particular action.

We also have a personality figure of the Russian army commander, General Fermor, that we will be giving away to some of our Kickstarter backers of the Austrian and Russian artillery campaign. After the Kickstarter obligations are taken care of, the Fermor figure will be available to the general public.

Don't forget that we are now stocking the following Russian cannon:

  6-pound cannon
12-pound cannon
12-pound Unicorn
12-pound Shuvalov ("Secret Howitzer") Howitzer

2 - wheel Russian ammunition wagon

(there is also a 4-wheel wagon that is at the caster's awaiting its wheels)

The Prussian 12-pound Brummer and two Austrian ammo wagons and the Conestoga Wagon are all now at Griffin Moulds waiting to have master and production moulds made. They will then cast the figures for inventory and sales.

Russian Artillery Crew - Firing Poses

Russian Artillery Crew - Loading Poses


  1. I cannot wait...!

  2. These too look wonderful.

    Best Regards,


  3. These are great looking crew to go along with the superb gun models. The details on the Russian guns are small works of art... we'll recommended to anyone looking to expand their artillery park.

    Once these are in production, what's coming next for the russians?


  4. AWI Hessians are next, sculpting starting in April- May. After that, Russian musketeers and grenadiers and possibly some horse grenadiers. Then in 2016 we will finish the cavalry.

  5. Very nice indeed, Alte Fritz. The General Fermor figure is superb.


    1. Yes, Richard really shines when he does those one off personality figures or vignettes.