Monday, March 23, 2015

GNW Swedes

Warfare Miniatures GNW Swedes

A couple of days ago I received a package in the mail that was moderately heavy and it rattled. Hmm, thinks I, what could this be?

I was not expecting the arrival of anything germane to wargaming, so when I opened up the packet, out tumbled several blister packs full of Great Northern War  ("GNW") Swedes, from the Warfare Miniatures range of figures. Go to the League of Augsburg web site by clicking on the link below:

Warfare Miniatures

Click on the "Shop" tab at the top of the page, then click on GNW Swedish Infantry to see more pictures of this new figure range.

Let me start by saying that the Warfare Miniatures figures are an absolute joy to paint and I was able to whip out a couple of samples in about an hour's time. The grenadier and musketeer represent the Uplands regiment, one of the Indelta regiments that served in the King's Army at Poltava (rather an unfortunate turn of events for them).

Doing a little bit of research, I discovered that about 50% of the GNW Swedish army of Charles XII was comprised of cavalry and the rest were infantry. This is a bit different from SYW armies where the cavalry comprise about 25-30% of the total forces.

I like to target an initial army of 12 units, excluding artillery, so I am looking at 6 units of cavalry and 6 units of infantry. Of the infantry, I will have 3 of them wearing a tricorn hat and 3 wearing the karpus hat.

More later, I have to go to sleep now.


  1. The GNW is a fascinating period and one I enjoy. Warfare Miniatures are nice - a bit thin for my taste but Barry has done a good job overall. Expensive though.

  2. Good looking minis Jim.

    GNW project, hey?

    Lovely to see.