Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Fife & Drum Artillery Equipment Pix

American-cast 6 pounder and Continental Crew Loading. Note ventsman with his thumb over the touch hole.
I just have a little bit of time today to post some pictures of part of the artillery equipment and crew that arrived yesterday. Today we see the two Continental crews (loading and firing) plus the French 4-pound Valliere cannon (suitable for use in the Seven Years War - HINT HINT), the American-cast 6-pounder, and the limber team set.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the British crew and equipment.

Click on the link to the Fife & Drum blog for more information on the stock numbers and prices of each set.

French 4-pounder Valliere with Continental Crew Firing. Note the man covering his ears.

Limber set includes two different horses,  a civilian driver and the limber.

Limber set with the French 4-pounder in tow.


  1. They look amazing, Jim! It almost seems a shame to apply basecoat and paint.

  2. Jim, these are wonderful figures. What a tremendous lind of minis you're developing!

  3. very neat looking set up jim, useful crew poses too.