Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If you ordered a Fife & Drum British 6 pounder..

Last evening as I was gluing together the Fife & Drum British 6 pounder model, I realized that I had only sent out one ammo box for many of the orders, rather than the required two. The ammo boxes are placed over the axle of the carriage, one on each side. I had imagined that only one box was placed on the gun trail.

I will go through all of the orders for British 6 pounders and try to figure out who might be missing parts. If you have received an order within the past several days, check out your 6 pounder and see if you have only one ammo box. If so, send me an e mail to remind me just in case I miss you.

I really apologize for this snafu.

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