Friday, July 27, 2012

Fife & Drum Painted Artillery Equipment

British 6-pounder battery with AE12 Firing Crew (left) and AE13 Loading  Crew (right) and AE-3 British 6-pounder. Note the two crewmen covering their ears before the charge is fired. Click pix to enlarge.

AE-14 Continental Crew Firing an AE-1 French Valliere 4-pounder. click to enlarge.

AE-13 Continental Crew Loading an AE-2 American-cast 6-pounder.


  1. Jim, these are lovely. How do they compare size-wise to Stadden and Suren? Great job so far. - Mike

  2. Lovely indeed, my Mindens will also appreciate them.

    Beaut paint job.