Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Williamsburg Powder Magazine

Williamsburg Powder Magazine model by Herb Gundt

I just received some pictures of the next model that Herb Gundt has built for my American Revolution collection of buildings. It is the famous octagonal-shaped powder magazine at Colonial Williamsburg, in Virginia. I am looking forward to using this model in a game with my Fife & Drum American militia defending the supply depot from raiding British light infantry companies.

With the July 4th Independence Day coming up very soon, it is a certainty that I will set up an AWI wargame in my basement and play a solo game to celebrate our independence. I am hopeful that the artillery crews and guns arrive in time for me to paint a couple of artillery sections to use in the game, but I might not have enough time  to get them painted in such a short time span.

In any event, this model will provide a nice focal point for any AWI game. Now that I have the Williamsburg courthouse, the Powder Magazine and one of the taverns, perhaps I ought to get really crazy and commission Herb to make the Virginia House of Burgesses or even the Governor's Palace. The latter might be a case of getting too carried away with myself (it might prove to be too large to even use on my 6ft by 15ft wargame table).

Another view, with the door closed. Perry civilian figure.


  1. This looks terrific and i can see why it would inspire a game.

    Stephen Caddy

  2. What a lovely building! Beautiful work.

  3. Really great looking model of a nice building. Most powder magazines I have seen in the UK are usually single story buildings - invisible behind their high surrounding wall.