Monday, June 25, 2012

Setting Up My Next Wargame Table

This is how things looked before the clean up began (click pix to enlarge)
 This afternoon and on into the evening, I decided to clear away my wargame table and set things up for my first annual Fife & Drum July Fourth Wargame. This will be a solo game with about 7 or 8 British battalions and 10 to 12 Continental and militia battalions. I might also add some Minden SYW Prussians that can serve as a Hessian brigade in order to balance out the numbers a little bit. That is one of the great things about the Fife & Drum range: you can also use Minden Miniatures and RSM 95 miniatures since they are compatible in size and proportion.

Feel free to browse through the pictures to see how the game table took shape. The end result was very pleasing to my eye. I think I spent an extra hour just examining the troops up close and adding a few more terrain bits and pieces. I am ready to game!

Double click on all pictures to seem them at their maximum size, especially the last two pictures in the series.

All of my big battalions go into these large plastic storage boxes. I can get five 60 man battalions into each box.

The troops are now stored away in their boxes. Now to pick up the other bits.

Clean at last!

Slide some books underneath the game mat and start placing road sections.

Now we add the trees and some fences. Hmm, I don't like the way that this scenario is working out. Time to change it again.

That's better - a more game-able terrain. We will be playing along the long axis of the table.

Finally, just add miniatures and we are ready to game!


  1. Who's the manufacturer of that mat of yours?

  2. Lovely looking table, can hardly wait for the 4th July and your write up.


  3. Lovely.... just guessing.... Guildford Courthouse, or based on it??

  4. Looks like the "lobster backs" might have their work cut out for them against the rebels.


  5. That's looking great. I can only dream of so much space!

  6. Say, did you ever post a tutorial on your road sections? Just curious, as I need to add some to my table and would love to steal, er, "borrow" your technique!

  7. Fabulous setup - have a great game

    -- Allan

  8. Is that the Terrain Guy green or brown-green mat? I'm trying to decide which one(s) I need to buy.

  9. That is one dreamy game room and table you have there! Thanks for sharing!