Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SYW Russian & British Figure Sale

RSM Miniatures - British Brigade

RSM Miniatures - 8th Regiment of Horse

British Brigade of RSM SYW Figures  These Figures Have Been Sold.
I am reluctantly putting up this RSM SYW British project for sale. The infantry brigade consists of 90 foot divided into three regiments: 8th (Kings) Regt; 12th (Napier's) Regt.; and the 42nd (Royal Black Watch) Regiment. It also includes 12 heavy cavalry - 8th Horse. I will also throw in two 6-pdr artillery pieces each with four crew (to be painted). Total cost for the whole kit and kaboodle is $1,120.00 That works out to $10 per figure. Shipping extra.

The figures are individually based on 3/4" square (about 20mm square) metal bases and the units would be perfect for an Old School SYW army. In fact, this is what I designed it for. I also have a partially painted fourth infantry regiment of hat men in blue facings. We can negotiate what to do with these if you elect to buy the brigade. I can also terrain the figure bases at no extra charge, or you can stay with the Old School motif and leave the bases painted dark green.

I have the correct GMB Designs flags that I will include at no extra charge.

This was the start of my own personal Old School project using some of my favorite figures of all time: RSM Miniatures. 

Minden Hanoverian Regiment 4B - 30 figures

Minden Miniatures Hanoverian Regiment
Also for sale is a single battalion of nice looking regiment of Minden Hanoverian infantry - 30 figures plus two Flag Dude flags for a total price of $300.00 plus shipping. These were painted by my nephew, Alex Akers, who is a Golden Demon winner. He really did a nice job on this unit. The bases are 60mm by 40mm deep and are nicely terrained with static grass and ground turf.

Foundry SYW Russian Brigades (up to 7 brigades available)

Russian brigade of two regiments, divided into two battalions per regiment; plus mounted officer stand, battalion gun with 2 crew and field gun with 4 crew. All Foundry figures painted by Der Alte Fritz.

Close up view of the same brigade.

Russian brigade dressed in summer kit ; red sleeved waistcoats, green coats were collected prior to the battle and stored at the wagon park with all of the baggage.

Each Russian infantry brigade is priced at $740.00 plus shipping and includes four battalions of 20 figures, a command stand of mounted officers, one battalion gun with 2 crewmen, and one larger field artillery piece with 4 crewmen. Available in limited quantities in either green coats or summer red sleeved waist coats. They are all Foundry figures sculpted largely by Mark Copplestone. Discounts are available if you buy two or more brigades at the same time.

If you have an interest in any of these items from my collection, then drop me a personal e-mail at 
"altefritz1740 (at) (yahoo) (dot) (com) to make arrangements for purchase and shipping.

Proceeds from the sale are being reinvested into the Fife & Drum Miniatures range of AWI figures.

Oh, and click on the pictures to enlarge the view.

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