Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some Old Veterans From Connoisseur

Connoisseur Peninsula British Light Company figures

This afternoon I took a little break from painting SYW cavalry to paint three old Connoisseur Peninsula British that I found laying in a box. They were partially painted (faces, basic red coat and grey pants blocked in) and I figure that they have been in that state since about 1992. So these guys are AT LEAST 20 YEARS OLD!

I have to say that Peter Gilder's Connoisseur range still holds up very well in comparison to the panoply of figures that are available on the market today. In fact, I would go further and say that when it comes to Napoleonics, I prefer Connoisseur figures over all else. They not only bring on a nostalgic twinge for me, but they still look so gosh darn good.

Light Co. Officer and Centre Co. ranker

Centre Co. ranker and Highlander Centre Co. figures

Front and rear views of the Light Co. ranker

I have a regiment of British figures on order from Bicorne Miniatures, the current owner of the Connoisseur range of figures and these will be about 84 figures strong: 1 to 10 ratio with 12 figures per company and 7 companies (including one each of the flank companies - grenadier and light). So the three extra figures that I had laying around were all light company figures: an Officer wearing a pelisse and two rankers standing and firing. This gives me a three figure head start on the regiment, which will become the 94th Regiment of Foot.

After our last battle at Costa Blanca (a French rout of the British army), it became clear to me and Bill that we need to add new British battalions, and fast! I will probably break the figures down into groups of a dozen and paint them here and there as time permits. It is kind of nice to have some primed figures "in stock" ready to paint when you fancy painting something a bit different from whatever it is that you are working on.

Some SYW Minden Figures

Here are several close up shots of some of the Minden cavalry that I am currently painting on commission for a collector. I'm really posting these pictures for him, but I thought that everyone else would enjoy peaking at them too. (PS: Your second box arrived today.)

Von Seydlitz - Minden Minatures

Esterhazy Hussar in Austrian Service - Minden Miniatures

Austrian Cuirassier Trooper - Minden Miniatures


  1. Agreed. Mr Gilder got it right first and it still shows.

  2. Yes indeed - attractive chaps to be sure.

  3. Gotta agree, those are really nice figures.

  4. Same here, I get that double benefit with Connoisseur - quality plus nostalgia.