Sunday, July 11, 2010

RSM Austrian Summer Sale

Lot #1 Austrian Brigade: 120 infantry, 40 cuirassiers, 4 artillery pieces with crew, and 2 mounted generals. Price: $750 plus shipping and packing costs.

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I have decided to sell off all of my RSM SYW Austrian and Prussian armies. This is a rather emotional thing for me, since some of these figures were among my first ever wargame units and I have fought a lot of enjoyable battles with them over the years. I need to reinvest the proceeds into other projects, mainly some needed home repairs. Eventually, I will replace these with my Minden armies, but after giving it some long thought, I decided that I do not need to have three different SYW armies.

I have grouped the Austrians into three lots of figures. All three lots have a nice variety of infanty, cavalry and some artillery plus mounted generals. So you can start with a nice brigade of Austrians from any of these lots. I have also grouped the figures by facing colors for those of you who might be interested in combining the battalions into "Big Battalions" for BAR or Charge rules. As is, they are 30 figure infantry units and 20 figure cavalry units that would be suitable for a number of rules such as Black Powder, Age of Reason, and Rustys Rules, to name a few.

The Austrians are priced reasonably at about $4.00 per infantry and artillery figure and $5.00 per cavalry figure. The painting style is "average" with no shading or 2 or 3 tone painting. In some cases, the cross belts have been lined. All figures have eyes that are done very nicely and avoid the bug-eyed look. My painting style and abilities have changed considerably since I first painted these figures, so I am not pricing them at my current market rates for painted figures. However, they look nice and will give you a nice brigade or two that is ready for battle.
Lot #1: $750 plus shipping

The first group includes two battalions in red facings and two battalions in blue facings. You could easily group them into two 60 figure units for BAR or Charge, or keep them as 30 figure units. There are six figures per stand and five stands per battalion. One of the stands in each battalion is a grenadier stand, so you could detach and converge the four grenadier stands to create one 24 figure grenadier battalion and have four 24 figure musketeer battalions.

Lot #1 Austrian infantry with blue facings in march attack pose. You could combine these two battalions into one BAR-sized 60-figure unit.

Lot #1 artillery: 6-pounder (left) and 12-pounder (right).

Lot #1 cavalry: two regiments of cuirassiers. They look so similar that they could be combined into one large 40 figure regiment.

Lot #2: $730 plus shipping

Lot #2: 20 hussars, 20 light dragoons, 120 infantry, 3 cannon with crew, and 2 mounted officers: $730 plus shipping.

Lot #2 infantry closeup: two battalions with violet facings and artillery crew and general.

Lot #2 cavalry -- 20 Baranyai Hussars and 20 de Ligne Dragoons.

The second lot of Austrian figures contains two battalions of 30 figures in green facings and all in the advancing pose. Thus they could be converged into one 60 figure battalion for BAR or Charge rules. These are the Los Rios and the Luzan regiments.

There are also two battalions in violet facings: Gaisruck and Sachsen Gotha, so again, they could be converged into one battalion.

The Lot#2 cavalry include the first two cavalry regiments that I ever painted: the Baranyai Hussars and the de Ligne Dragoons.

Lot #3: $850 plus shipping

Lot #3: five battalions of musketeers, one btn of Croats, 20 Old Glory dragoons and an officer stand with two figures.

The third lot of figures contains figures that may or may not match up well for larger units. There are three battalions in red facings that could be grouped together to get one super large 90 figure battalion or two 45 figure battalions or three 30 figure battalions. Then I have added two other blue facing battalions with a mix of marching and advancing figures.

The lot also includes one Old Glory Austrian dragoon regiment (de Ligne) and one Old Glory Croat battalion of 24 figures. The Croats were painted by Leonard Albright of Lexington, KY and I painted the dragoons in my "middle period" so they have some shading and blacklining to them and are painted to a higher standard than my other figures in these three lots.

Close up of the blue facing infantry battalions.

Old Glory Croats. These are very nicely painted by Leonard Albright.

Old Glory de Ligne Dragoons, painted by Der Alte Fritz.

How to buy these figures
If you are interested in any of these lots of figures, then send me an e-mail with your interest to my box at: (corrected e-mail address)

I will be happy to work with you in terms of getting the figures shipped in a timely manner, or if you would like to have the figures rebased in a more modern style, we could work something out for the extra time spent on the rebasing. They could be rebased with static grass and gravel with multiple figures on each base, or as single based figures.


  1. I tried to send you an email but was notified the address was bad. I would be interested in the second group if you could provide all four infanty units in the marching pose. My e-mail address is Best regards, Bill

  2. Bill: I sent you an e mail with the details. BTW, if you want all march attack units, I can replace some of the units in Lot#2 with those from the other lots to give you the poses that you seek. I have enough compatible figures to make up 6 BAR sized 60 figure battalions, if necessary.


  3. Jim,
    I got your e-mail, but not sure if my email is working! I see that you are willing to sell all marching poses. That's great, thanks. If you have five units in that pose were in business. I still want your RSM hussars and a couple of mounted generals. If possible could you remount two hussars on a stand in your current style. I have admired your current basing and would like to actually see it in person. How do you want payment? Best regards, Bill

  4. Very beautiful figures as usual.
    I game the SYW in 15mm and some friends and I are playing a fictional campaign. Have a look at the umpire's site: Wes Roger's wargame rules and tools. We also just played Vellinghausen using my figures. I would love to hear from you and chat with a expert like yourself about the period.
    Believe it or not you and Bill Protz have been an inspiration to me and your work with the SYWA and various other periodicals have been a real joy to me.



  5. I tried to respond to your RSM offer, but had no luck with your e-mail address. I see here in your blog site comments that Capt Bill has probably purchased quite a bit by mixing your original lots. I am just starting out with my first SYW armies and really like the RSM figures. I am interested in whatever RSMs you have left, if you have any left. Please contact me at: