Saturday, October 31, 2009

21e Regt. de Ligne

Two battalions of the 21 Regiment de Ligne. Elite Miniatures painted by Der Alte Fritz

I finished the last four voltigeurs, this evening, that I needed to complete my second full regiment of French line infantry for my 1805-1807 project at a 1:10 ratio. As shown above, these are Elite Miniatures figures with all of the soldiers in the "at the ready" pose. The two battalions of the previously-painted 12e Regiment de Ligne are all in the "advancing" pose. Thus, when I start removing single casualties during a game, I will remember which regiment the figures belong to by way of their pose. These two regiments complete Petit's Brigade in Gaudin's 3rd Division of Davout's III Corps.

Note that I have not gotten around to basing the figures yet. I will terrain the individual bases with spackle compound and gravel and flock to finish them off.

Another view of the 21e Regiment de Ligne. Click all pictures to enlarge the view.

I also have one battalion of the old Elite figures painted (which will become the 25e Regt. de Ligne) and one battalion of Dave Alsop-sculpted Legere figures. The second battalion of the "old Elite" figures for the 25e Regiment de Ligne are already primed in black primer and are ready to paint. These will be a joy to paint, after slogging through the second battalion of the 21st. I did not like painting the "at the ready" pose for some reason - the figures just did not inspire me. However, the old Elite figures are little gems and I look forward to working on them.

For the month of October, I ended up with 89 Olley Painting Points - all of them infantry figures this month. That included 72 French line, 2 eagle bearers, 1 "old Elite" carabinier in the Napoleonic genre. In the SYW, I painted 8 Stadden Prussian grenadiers for the Reisengarde regiment and 6 Stadden AWI artillery crew that were painted as Prussian artillerist.

We have our annual SYW light troops game on December 4th or 5th and so I suppose that I should work on adding more dismounted hussars and freikorps dragoons, but I would much rather work on the 1806 project.


  1. Congratulations Jim. "Zay luke mavalous." The Russkis too.

  2. Amazing work. BTW, what are Olley Painting Points? Regards, Dean

  3. Hi Jim - Great painting! Everytime I see your work, I recall how when you started, you used to have RMS paint for you. Look at your work now! Outstanding! Kindest regards from Hal

  4. Dean: Phil Olley in the UK devised a system wherein one infantry figure or cannon counted as one point and a mounted cavalryman or general counted as two points (since there is a horse and a rider). It is a way of both tracking your production of figures painted as well as a way of determining how long it will take to complete a project.

    After awhile, you develop a sense of how many painting points you can do in a month. In my case, 60 to 70 seems like a sensible amount per month. I can do more than that, and I have, but anything more than that usually means that I have been neglecting family and other things that are important.

    If I know that I can paint 70 points on a regular bases, then if I have a project having, say, 700 figures, then I know that it will take me 10 months to complete that project.

    Hal: thank you for the kind comment. I can recall when I couldn't paint worth a darn. I was scared to try it and I wanted everything now. So I farmed out nearly all of my Prussians and started dabbling around with Austrians, which seemed easier to paint. Over the years I guess that I figured out how to paint figures.

  5. They look fantastic, DAF! Congratulations on another "gem" added to your collection!

  6. I've always had a soft spot for the Elite French in bicornes. Having some 400 figures myself they are one of my favourite collections. of all their figures it is the chasseurs that are my real favourites.

    They look great and you deserve all the praise.