Saturday, August 8, 2009

Minden Miniatures - Prinz Ferdinand's Army

Minden Prussian Jagers painted as Brunswick Jagers by the talented Ioannis.

I was killing some time today in the hospital and thought that it would be nice to pop in for a visit at Ioannis' Leuthen Journal. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ioannis has been busy painting elements for Ferdinand of Brunswick's Allied army in Western Germany. It is even better that the figures of choice are the wonderful Minden Miniatures range of figures, designed by Richard Ansell for Frank Hammond. As you might be aware, the range recently expanded to include the Hanoverian army. So if one were inclined, one could field the Allied army using nothing but Minden Miniatures (British, Hanoverians and Prussians standing in for Hessians and Brunswick and Schaumburg-Lippe forces).

You can follow this link to the site and see the figures first hand:

Brunswick Carabiniers painted by Ioannis using Minden Miniatures.

Looking at the photograph above, I think that Ioannis really nailed the color correctly on the "kollet" or buff/chamois uniform coat that many of the cuirassiers used in various armies during the 18th Century. It looks like the same color used in the Knotel plates. Perhaps Ioannis could share his paint formula with us, either here, on his site, or on TMP.

It kind of makes you want to paint an Allied army to fight the French in Western Germany, don't you think?


  1. Thank you, Sir, for the kind comments...Indeed these figures are a joy to paint and even better to look at! And, they take equally well a simple coat of paint as they do with a more elaborate scheme. I enjoyed painting the cuirassiers as much as the jagers, albeit the former took ages to finish compared to the latter. In my opinion, they both look great on the table.

    The buff coat is based on the Foundry 'Buff Coat' triad. Then, a wash made by GW Sepia Wash (that gives it the tint you so much like) followed by Vallejo Clear Sand (quite dilute) to correct the wash and give it an extra 'warm' highlight...

    You could also use the Foundry Bone (my favorite for Prussian small clothes) or Canvas triads, or any other home-made mix to that effect. The 'secret' is in the GW wash and the way to apply it; you have to guide it to the recesses and not let it pool everywhere, while at the same time you ensure everything is 'glazed'...Easier done than described!

    Hope Lady Emma is doing better today...

  2. While I enjoyed your post, I was hoping that it would be an update on Lady Emma's recovery. I do hope that she's doing well.

    -- Jeff

  3. Hi Jim!

    Those are indeed some snazzy looking troopers! An update on Lady Emma would be appreciated by her 70 some odd EvE Dutch Uncles.