Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Lady Emma Update

Lady Emma and Der Alte Fritz, earlier this summer.

Thursday morning we will be visiting the surgeon who did the surgery on Lady Emma so that she can see how her patient is doing. It has been two weeks since the surgery and Lady Emma has been quite the trooper when it comes to staying in bed and laying on her back (for two weeks) with nary a complaint. The stitches seem to be doing their job and hopefully the surgeon will give us the OK to get out of bed and become a little more active.

There is not too much to report on the painting front, other than the completion of 21 more Suren SYW British Guards to bring that battalion up to 60 figures. A company of grenadiers will follow soon. I also primed 30 Elite Miniatures SYW British firing and loading. This will become the 12th (Napier's) Regiment of Foot, which was one of the Minden regiments.

Update: Thursday August 20, 2009

The doctor removed the stitches from Lady Emma's back and gave us the green light to return to a somewhat normal level of activity. Lady Emma is very happy to be liberated from laying down on the couch. We are going to take the royal hounds for a short stroll around the block now.


  1. Delighted to read that the young Lady Emma is progressing well.

    She sets a very fine example with her uncomplaining demeanour.

    best wishes
    Steve Gill

  2. My best wishes for Lady Emma's speedy recovery. Thanks for the update.


  3. Great to hear Lady Emma is progressing well!
    p.s what about another teddy bear game to celebrate...

  4. Great news! I second Alan's suggestion ;-)

  5. That's wonderful news Jim! I know you and the lady Fritz are both thrilled (and probably exhausted), but I am proud of Lady Emma, she did indeed do herself proud. She could serve with my Guard Grenadiers at any time, would probably do the whiner's some good to have a role model!

    Take care and all the best to the Family,

    Bill Mc

  6. Congratulations to Lady Emma and you and my best whishes for her recovery!

  7. Glad everything is going well, DAF. Best wishes to to all and Emma in particular!


  8. Morning Jim,

    So happy things are going much better for Emma now. I hope she enjoyed the walk with the royal hounds.

    Best Regards,


  9. Wonderful news about Lady Emma's successful recovery - I hope you and your wife can take some time to decompress from the whole event.

    I'd like to second the request for another "Bear Game" - I have a 10 year niece who helps us make terrain and she loves the concept and wants to make her own army.

  10. Excellent news!!! I'm thrilled for the both of you!!

  11. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the update. What a relief it must be all around! The artillery batteries of the Felsigberg will fire off a salvo in Lady Emma's honor for her courage.

  12. Good news Jim, I am glad it is going well.

  13. Wonderful to hear the Lady Emma is well on the path to recovery. Best wishes for continued speedy healing for her.

    You remind me of Alan Alda in this picture, by the way.

  14. Well done and good news for all concerned. All the very best wishes from this side of the pond.

  15. Joining in the general joy at Lady Emma's progress ... sounds like she sure made you all proud!
    May her cheer continue to bloom!