Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lady Emma Update

Due to popular request, here is an update on Lady Emma's condition. The doctors looked at her incision today (about 2-3 inches long at the base of her spine) and said that it was healing up nicely. Tomorrow, Sunday, they will have her sit up and see if she can do that without any pain. If it goes well, then we could be coming home on Sunday. We don't really know at this point, but we are all hopeful that this will be our last night at the hospital. (I'm getting tired of hospital food and McDonalds' :) )

This evening we are all watching the White Sox vs Indians baseball game and Lady Emma is happy that the Sox are winning so far, 6 to 5 in the 7th inning.


  1. Jim,

    I have not been on the computer this week. I glad to hear that Lady Emma is doing well and my thoughts are with you. I hope that you all get to return home tomorrow.


  2. The Grand Duchess of Grolstein sends her best wishes to Lady Emma for a quick recovery and has ordered a special parade of grenadiers near the grand palace to honor her bravery!


  3. Best wishes of fast and painless recovery to Lady Emma and happy homecoming and convalescence to the three of you -parents suffer and heal with their child, I know that.

  4. I am really glad all seems to be going in the right direction! My prayers are with you and your family. And I am sorry I did not have an opportunity to make a dash to the Children Hospital in Lincoln Park, and join you at the local McDonald's for a quick chat!


  5. Glad all goes well with the Little Lady. Hopefully we'll see the Teddy Bears doing battle again soon.

    All the best


  6. Very best wishes to the lady and her parents.I hope she will have a quick and as easy as possible recovery. Just being back home should help.



  7. We all look forward to seeing Lady Emma in her tricorn hat commanding her loyal teddy bear army . . . and hope to see it sooner rather than later.

    Best wishes to your little darling and may her recovery be swift and uncomplicated.

    -- Jeff

  8. Soory but I haven't checked here for a while.
    I'm glad your daughter is progressing well and things are looking good.
    My very best wishes to her and to the fretful parents.

  9. Hope everything is going well for you and your family, Jim. It sounds encouraging.

    Best Regards,


  10. Jim,

    All my best to Lady Emma, and to Mom and Dad. I've been where you're sitting 25 years ago with my oldest daughter, again about 5 years ago with the oldest granddaughter, and then last November with her mother (my youngest daughter). It never gets any easier on Mom and Dad, but the kids seem to think it was all a wonderful adventure when its over.

    I look forward to seeing the charming Lady Emma in command of her bears again soon, maybe she'll let Dad win one!


  11. Good to hear the recovery is going well! Looking forward to further actions in the Teddy Bear Wars. :)