Friday, May 29, 2009

French Cuirassiers & Dragoons

French heavy cavalry brigade of 3 squadrons of dragoons and 3 squadrons of cuirassiers. Figures from Elite Miniatures, based on single stands for the BAR Napoleonic rules that we are working on. click the pix to enlarge the view.

The results of an evening's worth of figure basing: Elite Miniatures French cuirassiers, dragoons and, oh, one Minden SYW Austrian cuirassier in the front row on the left. In the background you can see part of a 60 figure battalion of Minden SYW Austrian infantry that is waiting to get primed and painted.

The first leg of my 100 Days Napoleonic painting blitz was completed this evening with the completion of 34 French cuirassiers and the basing of said figures plus a few dragoons. You can see the results in the picture above. By the way, I really do not like terraining the bases of my figures. It can be a royal pain in the neck. I figure that it takes me about a minute to apply the spackle compound (paint is mixed in already), sprinkle some grit or gravel, then apply some flock while the spackle is still wet.

If I want the bases to look really nice, then I do what I call The Frank Hammond Method of spackle, grit, dry overnight, apply ink, dry brush and then apply static grass. This takes two evening's work because the goop needs to dry overnight before the ink wash is applied. It results in a more professional looking base, but it takes longer. Usually, I use this method for command stands or smaller wargame projects.

Here's a little basing tip that I picked up on TMP this week. When you want to remove figures from old bases, and the figures were glued using super glue, then you simply put the figures in the freezer for an hour or two to chill. This breaks down the glue bond. Then, simply pop the figures off the stand using a #2 Exacto wedge knife. I was amazed at how easily the figures popped off of the wooden stands.

Another view of my heavy cavalry brigade for the 1806 Project.

It seems like I have been on a heavy binge of Napoleonic cavalry painting this month. That's because I had the incentive of round two of the In The Grand Manner game on Saturday May 30th, and I wanted to paint a couple of 32 figure ITGM cavalry regiments for the French. Nothing like a deadline to get the brushes moving fast. That said, once the game is over, I will have to take a short break from Napoleonics and paint at least a squadron of the Minden SYW Austrian cuirassiers to relax me and restore a sense of sanity.


  1. Hello Jim,

    Well, there's nothing quite like a horde of Napoleonic Cavalry. Lovely work as ever.

    Tell me do, who's the guy in the green coat off to one side in the shako?

    I'm curious!



  2. He is my one figure from the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval. It is an old Elite Miniatures figure. The rest of the regiment is in the painting que.

  3. Jim,

    Excellent work, as usual, and a stunning set of pictures.

    In the "painting desk" photo, did I recognize some Barry Minot sculpted firing line figures in the far right rear (on the blue board)?


  4. Applause and cheers for you Jim,

  5. Excellent work!

    (I'll have to remember that tip about super glue next time I need to unstick something - other than my fingers! lol)

  6. looks like tons of Olley points too.
    I haven;t been able to paint for a few weeks, and I've got several 15 mm brigades on the edge of being finished ... so I'm envious and admiring!