Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Foundry 1806 Prussian Generals

Foundry's version of Blucher (left) and Hohenlohe (center) compared to an Elite Miniatures general (right). Please click on all pictures to enlarge the view.

The Foundry has begun releasing the first of its new 1806 Prussian Napoleonic range and so when I saw that they had some mounted personality figures, I was eager to order some and see how they looked first hand and up close. As you can see from the picture above, the two ranges appear to be fairly compatible in terms of overall size, heft and height.

There are two personality packs so far: one contains Prince Hohenlohe, the loser at Jena and General von Ruchel (in an overcoat) and von Yorke (also in an overcoat, modelled after the Knotel drawing of Yorke leading his light infantry). The Blucher pack contains the generals and two mounted aides. All of the personalities are nicely sculpted, and von Blucher actually looks like the person that he is modeled after. Since Elite Miniatures only has a couple of mounted officers, the new Foundry generals are a welcome addition to my 1806 army.

Prince Hohenlohe (left) and an unknown Elite Miniatures general (right)

Blucher, Hohenlohe and two Elite Miniatures generals (on the right). French dragoons from Elite are shown in the background, but pay no heed to them for now.

Here's a peak at some Minden SYW Austrians that I've been working on: infantry officer (left) and cuirassier trooper (right).

As a bit of a teaser, I have included a photo of the new Minden Austrian cuirassiers above. I've only painted one trooper so far, dressed in the distinct blue facings of the Alt Modena regiment, i.e. the only cuirassier regiment that did not wear red facing distinctions. I will try to work in a squadron of 12 Minden cuirassiers so that I can get a better idea of how they will look in mass.

I also finished off 24 French cuirassiers for my 1806 French army and boosted the 20th Dragoons up to 40 figures. I will post pictures within the next couple of days.


  1. Good morning Jim,
    Great brush work as usual! I've tried to contact the Minden guy numerous times, even leaving me e-mail address on his site. If I had not seen his figures, I would believe him a ghost. Could I prevail on you to contact him for me? My e-mail is:'m not sure if my order does not meet his threshold or possible he does not want new customers. I would like to order 4 mounted officers, one from each country, three sets of civilian laborers, one set of drovers, and one set of drivers. Best regards, Bill

  2. Aren't those Minden's just lovely? They are so much more delicate in their sculpting than the Foundry or Elite figures, good though they are in their way. I'm painting the Austrian colonel at the moment as a Bavarian, and have a unit of cuirassiers in my painting queue. I look forward to seeing yours - always a treat.

  3. Love the personality figures Jim- more power to your paintbrush!

  4. Capt Bill, I have had no communication from you in my inbox whatsoever. I do NOT have a minimum requirement for orders (a myth perpetuated on various forums by a mad Australian who I refuse to sell figures to) and I respond to orders as soon as I get them.

    I can be contacted at as stated on my blog and it helps to have Minden in the title, so it does not go straight into the spam folder with the hundreds of junk e-mails I get every day.

    Sorry to use your blog to answer this Jim, my comment was to be on your painting of the Cuirassier, as this is the first fully painted one I have seen so far. Great work as usual on both figures and I urge you to get a squadron done, so I can marvel at them and feel even more guilty at not having any painted myself yet.

    All the best as ever,


  5. No problem Frank. I figured that you would find Capt. Bill's e mail eventually in your box so I was going to let time do the trick. Patience is a virtue and we have to remember that Frank isn't doing this as his main business, but rather as a side line.

    Now that the French cavalry is completed for my game this weekend, I will probably go back and do at least a squadron of Minden Austrian cuirassier to take a much needed break from Napoleonics.

  6. Capt Bill, it is now 8 days since I sent you an e-mail, so maybe you are not as keen as you appeared?