Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Update

My brushes were really burning rubber over the weekend as I completed a 12 figure squadron of Suren Prussian dragoons for the Seven Years War, put the basic colors on 18 Napoleonic Black Watch Highlanders (I'm painting these for someone else) and started on 18 more Jacobites.

The DR2 Jung Krakow dragoons are now up to their full establishment of 600 troopers (i.e. 60 figures)which should enable them to hold their own against the French/Gallian armoured cavalry that they always seem to fight. I have added two squadrons to the Jung Krakow dragoons over the past two weeks, in preparation for our next BAR game on June 7th as well as their use at Historicon.

So what is next, the 10 squadron Bayreuth Dragoons perhaps?

I am nearly done with all of my Prussian cavalry in my projected army, with 2 regiments of cuirassiers, 1 regiment of Garde du Corps and 1 regiment of dragoons. I also have 36 Black Hussars, which will eventually top up to 60 figures, and a dozen Blue Hussars, which will go up to 24 figures.

That said, it was nice to get back to the SYW for awhile. The Napoleonics really turned me off, so I stopped painting them Sunday night and switched over to 18 Lowland Jacobites for the Atholl Brigade. Eventually, I will have two 30 figure regiments in the Atholl Brigade (Front Rank figures). These should paint a little bit faster than the Highlanders because there is minimal tartan to paint on these lads. Most of them are wearing civilian coats and breeches, plus a blanket roll across the shoulder to the waist. I will probably paint the blanket as a plaid, but use browns and greys for the rest of the Lowlanders' outfits.

More later, it's off to work now.


  1. Jim
    sounds like you will be off to work for a rest after all the painting.....
    p.s how is the 1806 project going - any new thoughts / ideas etc?

  2. Alan: I probably will not be painting 1806 figures until after Historicon (July) or in the Autumn, after the Big Battalion OSW game in early October.

  3. As always I greatly admire your output. Still no painting for me as the builders are still in residence. A 3 week job has extended to 7 but they are due to finish today. Hopefully I will have my soldier room back this weekend.

    So instead while the family went to the Windsor Horse show, the dog and I went to inspect about 6 or 7 ships which took part in the Dunkirk operation which were moored on the Eton side of the river. This included a refurbished MTB torpedo boat which was also used in the film 'The Eagle has Landed'. Facinating and there were also lots of displays from the Small Ships Association. On the fields next to the river there were about 300 old Rolls Royce cars and a merlin engine from a Spitfire which was on a support frame. They started this thing up and the noise/smoke roar etc was superb.

    A privilage to see the ships.


  4. On the Emperor vs Elector blog you have made the invitation to send out minis to join the Clans uprising (or putting it down) games that you are running.

    There are some who may want to take you up on the offer, however you do not provide an email to contact you, nor an address to send out the minis to?