Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stuart Victory At Prestonpans

I will post some pictures and an after action report of our first Jacobite Rebellion game that was played today. The Jacobites won an overwhelming victory over the Government army, commanded by Sir John Cope. The game lasted 4 turns and as recently as turn 3 it appeared that Cope would crush the rebellion right then and there. However, on the next turn, the Jacobites won every melee and drove the redcoats off the field.

It was a fun game, took only 2 hours to complete, and the rules seemed to work very well for the Forty Five. We did a little bit of tweaking during the game. For example, we added a +1 morale modifier for the Jacobites when they charge in order to improve their odds of passing morale and charging. This coming after yours truly failed to charge on four straight occasions due to horrendous die rolls (one would think that I could roll a "6" on two D6 dice, but I couldn't).

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