Saturday, April 30, 2022

I Found Another Ian Weekley Model


German Farmhouse by Ian Weekley.

I found one more Ian Weekley model in my collection, stashed away on a top shelf. It is a North German farmhouse and out buildings. It is loosely inspired by La Haye Sainte at Waterloo.

The farmhouse makes a nice addition to the game table layout, with it parked in one of the corners of the table. I like to have my built up areas in the corners of the table so that they don't interfere with the space needed for troop movement. Of course, some scenarios will need to have built up areas and other buildings in a more central part of the table, but I prefer the open spaces provided by building models in the corners.

The farmhouse shown in the upper left corner of this picture.


I like the way that the farmhouse sort of "nestles" into the background of the scene.

Here are some more views, closer, of the farmhouse. I have populated it with some of the civilians in my collection.

This is the last of my Ian Weekley models. All of them were commissioned in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I like how they look when all of them are placed on the table top.


  1. I do like this gorgeous farmhouse...Superb!

  2. That is a lovely-looking model, and very North German in appearance.

  3. Looks superb and I see what you mean about nestling. When viewed close up they are a bit rough and ready but fantastic at wargames distance

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your Ian Weekley models. They bring back fond memories of reading Ian's articles on model construction once upon a time in those vintage Wargaming Magazines. Fantastic pieces of Wargames history! They have a lovely look and feel on your wargames table. I also couldn't help but admire your new Austrians using your new basing configuration. They are superb, and truly take it to the next level in terms of representing a realistic military formation. That is the direction I am planning on heading too - very inspiring! Also I noticed that you have a couple of units of Austrians in firing lines. Front row firing and the back row in an 'at ready' position like a number of Crann Tara miniatures. I am most curious regarding what figures you used for those units,

    1. I used the Fife and Drum AWI Hessian musketeers firing line figures. It’s a simple “conversion by paint” method. The Hessians lack the tin water canteen that the Prussians had, but other than that, the uniforms are the same.

    2. I also sometimes use the French Legion d’Hainault fusiliers to create firing lines. I paint over the lace on the French figures and paint lapels on the figures. The overall look is “close enough” for my eye.


    3. Ah! Thank you. They look great in the photos.

  5. These buildings are looking so much real! Fantastic work.

  6. Beautiful looking game.
    Museum quality pieces. Ian Weekley has always been my favorite model maker.