Friday, October 2, 2020

Wm. Britain’s Nile River Gunboat


The Bordein at dock in Khartoum.

I pulled my large Nile River gunboat out of storage today and set it up at the dock in my Khartoum static display at home. The boat measures about 20-inches long and has a beam of 6-inches. The boat is made by Wm. Britain’s. It is out of production but you can still find them on eBay and at some of the toy soldier dealers across the country.


  1. Do like this layout a lot. Terrific.

  2. Super display setup; the gunboat is a lovely model

  3. Fantastic looking ship and layout in general. Is it an original model from Edwardian times or was it one Britains produced more recently - 60's or 70's perhaps?

    1. The model is part of Britain’s matte finish collectors range of recent years. It’s part of its War Along the Nile figure range from the 2000s years.