Sunday, April 19, 2020

More Camel Corps Reinforcements

Armies In Plastic Camel Corps

I finished six of the Armies In Plastic 54mm toy soldier British Camel Corps figures. I have two additional camels carrying the disassembled mountain screw gun, but these have yet to be painted. I liked how these figures turned out so much that I ordered another 10 camels and riders plus 2 pack camels. This will increase my mounted Camel Corps contingent to 16 troopers & officers, 2 pack camels and 2 mountain screw gun camels.

Side view of the camels and riders.
Toy soldiers of any size always look better when they are in a mass. For example, a 24-figure infantry unit is hands down better looking than a similar 12-figure unit. So 16 Camel Corps and a pack train of 4 camels ought to be joyful to look at.

But wait, why stop there?

Close your eyes for a minute and picture 24, 32 or 48 mounted camels. Wow! Imagine a column of camels crossing the desert wargame table in a column of fours as they head out into the forboding desert in search of the Dervish. I already have about 50 or more William Britain's War Along the Nile Camel Corps foot figures and in my crazed mind I am visualizing each of those figures having their own mounted camel version. The scouting party rides pell mell back to the Desert Column and reports that the Dervish are massing on the other side of the sand dunes and are headed our way. So the Colonel orders the Camel Corps troopers to dismount, put all of the baggage and pack camels in the center, and form a square to fend off the impending attack.

"Dervish Sir, Thousands of them!
(Connoisseur Miniatures from Peter Gilder's personal collection)

Armies In Plastic 54mm Dervish figures that I recently painted (54 of them).

Ansar riflemen

So why am I suddenly painting hundreds of 54mm plastic toy soldiers for the Sudan? This will all be revealed in an upcoming post that will lay out, in detail, my plans for a 54mm Toy Soldier Sudan set up.


  1. Marvellous, absolutely marvellous.

  2. Yes, indeed. Go big, or go home as the saying, um, goes. Very eager to see more as things unfold.

    Best Regards,


  3. Not crazed but glorious plans. By the way what do you undercoat your plastic figures with prior to painting?

  4. Most impressive and beautiful collection, a real pleasure to watch!

  5. Nice work! I look forward to seeing pictures of your Sudan collection en masse.

  6. What materials do you recommend for zariba?
    Thank you.

    1. I use dry moss, from Michael's Stores, and hot glue it to a wood tongue depressor.