Friday, April 10, 2020

Armies In Plastic Camel Corps

Armies In Plastic 54mm Camel Corps

Reverse view.

I painted a test sample Camel Corps camel and rider the other day.  These are 54mm toy soldier size plastic figures that I am painting for my Sudan Toy Soldier Project. I hate to call them "toy soldiers" because they are anything but...

Whenever I paint a new figure I always paint one sample from start to finish to get a feel for the figure, how to paint it, in what order to paint the uniform and equipment, and to find any little figure difficulties that might arise during the course of the painting.

I had never painted a camel before and was a little uncertain of which colors to use, but I think that I nailed my first camel perfectly.

I have five more Camel Corps and two transport camels carrying the components for a mountain screw gun.

The Camel

The Camel and The Rider
I used Reaper Master Series paints on the camel:

Base color or shade:  Bronzed Shadow (09259)

Main color: Blond Hair (09257)

Highlight: Blond Highlight (09258)

The brown fur on the camel used Ruddy Leather (09109) and the afore-mentioned Blond Hair dry-brushed to highlight the fur.

The red shabraque, which was unique to the Camel Corps, used a Reaper triad of red colors:

Base Color: Blood Red (09003)
Main Color: Fire Red (09004)
Highlight:    Phoenix Red (09005)

The figure was then finished with a heavy coating of gloss spray for a sturdy protection.

I also painted 20 Dervish riflemen:

Dervish riflemen - ten wearing skull caps. There are also ten figures wearing a red head scarf and sash.

The last of the Egyptian infantry figures - there are now 32 figures in the regiment.



  1. Really great brush work on the camel and rider. St. Petersburg quality. Mind if I share on the "A Gentleman's War" group?

  2. Great work, Jim. I especially like the camel.

  3. You're doing a fantastic job on these figures Jim.

  4. Beauitful figures, love the camel especially...

  5. Very nice work there! Everything look totally Pukka!

  6. A lovely project Jim. Youve done a great job on the figures. I must admit I have a lot of painted 54mm plastic medievals and thoroughly enjoyed painting them.

  7. Nice work on the camel, like the rest of new additions

  8. Really nice, Jim. Your painting is excellent. I recall when you were having RSM do your painting for you with the excellent RSM SYW range. 54mm is a great range with the variety of plastics out now. Stay safe. How's your new dog? Hal

    1. Augie is a real stem winder and trouble maker. It's a good thing that he is so cute.

  9. What material do you recommend for making zariba?

    1. I use bags of moss that are purchased at Michaels Stores in the artificial flower arrangement section.