Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New Minden Russians Have Arrived

Minden Russian Observation Corps Grenadiers in Summer waistcoats.
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Griffin Moulds has sent my casting order for the 16 new SYW Russian line infantry that have been sculpted by Richard Ansell. They are scheduled to arrive at schloss Seewald on Friday August 16th.

The Russian Observation Corps musketeers and grenadiers, and Russian artillery crews and cannon are also available and are currently in stock. So I feel that Minden Miniatures has the Russian infantry and artillery well covered with selections.

The new product codes will be posted on the Fife & Drum Miniatures web store by August 20th of next week. The Observation Corps and Artillery crew figures are already in the web store.

You can order your Russians through the Fife & Drum web store: Fife & Drum web store

Introductory Discounts
We are offering the new Russian figures at an introductory discounted price that knocks off $2.00 from the 8 packs, and $1.00 from the new 4 pack command sets. Artillery crew and mounted officer prices are not discounted. This works out to a discount of approximately 17%!

Discounted prices:  Packs of 8 figures are priced at $16.00 and 4 figure command and artillery packs are $8.00;

Non-discounted prices: mounted officers are $6.00

Russian Line Musketeers
MR-001  Russian Musketeer Command (4 figures)
MR-002  Russian Musketeers in regulation dress (8 figures)
MR-003  Russian Musketeer Standard Bearer Pack (2 figures)
MR-004  Russian Musketeer Command, Summer dress (4 figures)
MR-005  Russian Musketeers, Summer Waistcoats (8 figures)

MR-006  Russian Mounted Colonel with horse

Russian Line Grenadiers
MR-007  Russian Grenadier Command, regulation dress (4 figures)
MR-008  Russian Grenadiers, regulation dress (8 figures)
MR-009  Russian Grenadier Command, Summer waistcoats (4 figures)
MR-010  Russian Grenadiers, Summer waistcoats (8 figures)

Russian Artillery Crews
MR-011  Russian artillery crew, loading (4 figures)
MR-012  Russian artillery crew, firing (4 figures)

Observation Corps (Summer waistcoats only)

Minden Russian Observation Corps Musketeers in Summer waistcoats.
Click on picture to enlarge.

MR-013  Russian Observation Corps Command, Summer waistcoats (4 figures)
MR-014  Russian Observation Corps Musketeers, Summer waistcoats (8 figures)
MR-015  Russian Observation Corps Grenadier Command, Summer waistcoats (4 figures)
MR-016  Russian Observation Corps Grenadiers, Summer waistcoats (8 figures)

Future additions to the Minden range will include French Cavalrie in Bearskin hats; French Grenadiers in Bearskin hats; Austrian Horse Grenadiers, a French Kettle Drummer, and Marshal de Broglie and Lt. General Chevert French personality figures.

After these figures are completed, then Richard will start working on AWI British Highlander troops and some AWI personalities.

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